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Pre-Planning Funeral Services FAQs

Why do I need to prepay if I have insurance and/or savings to cover the funeral or cremation costs?

Insurance is an important part of your financial preparedness for your survivors.  However, there are two distinct advantages to prearrangements.  First of all, only by prepaying can you freeze the costs at today’s price.  Every decade since World War II the price has doubled so, this is an important benefit to prepaying.

The other advantage is that by prepaying you will have finalized for yourself the choices you wish to make for your funeral or cremation.   This removes the emotional burden from your survivors of having to make these decision without your guidance.  Insurance is just money, it will not make decisions for your family.

By doing this for yourself you remove the burden of picking out and paying for your funeral or cremation arrangements.  This leaves the insurance dollars to replace any lost income that may have occurred and take care of future living expenses so your survivors can continue to live without financial worry.

How do I know my money will be safe if I prepay my funeral or cremation costs?

100% of your funds will be held by a third party preneed insurance company that is licensed and regulated by the Texas Department of Insurance and the State Banking Commission.  The Company we use has met all regulatory guidelines necessary to show financial stability and integrity.  In fact, the Company we use has been in business over 100 years and has over $2Billion in preneed funeral and cremation plans.

Your plan will be transferable. Meaning, the death benefits can be paid to any funeral home anywhere in the United States.

Why shouldn’t I leave this for my children to do?

We help over 2000 families a year with funeral and cremation arrangements for a family member or a friend.  When we help make funeral arrangements for someone who had a prepaid plan, we have yet to hear any of them complain that they wish these arrangements could have been left for them to do themselves.

On the other hand, we have yet to hear survivors say that they were glad that it was left to them to make all of the necessary choices and pay for the funeral or cremation services for their loved one.

If you have benefited by prearrangements that a family member or friend made in advance of their death, then you already understand why it is best not to leave this for someone else to do on the worse day of their life.

How can I prepay now if I don’t know where I will be when I die?

We are a mobile society and this is a good question.  Prearrangement companies have made certain that your plan is transferable.  They will pay the death benefit to any funeral or cremation company your survivors choose to use in any of the United States.

Do you have payment plans and what is required to qualify?

Yes, the preneed company we use offers plans from 1-10 years, depending upon age, and everyone qualifies.  There are no credit applications and health and age is not an issue.

Can I prearrange without a salesman coming to my home?

Yes.  Just call (972) 822-9112 or submit the prearrangement form to contact a funeral planner.  They will take care of everything for you over the phone and by email.

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