Carter, Philip Earl


Philip Earl Carter of Dallas, Texas, passed away on Saturday, August 16, 2014 in Plano, Texas. He was 72 years old.

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Summer Lindsay says:

Every day since his passing I have seen my dad. Not in physical form of course but he has definitely appeared. The first day after his passing it rained the entire gloomy morning, and I knew the world was sad like me. The next day I heard him singing in my ear with his booming bass voice. The following day he helped me pick out pictures of himself to create a memory card. On Wednesday he was there as I prepared my classroom for the incoming students, specifically when I stacked the dominos on the shelf. The next night he showed up in a name, for it was Meet the Teacher night and of course one of my students was named CARTER. Friday he was definitely looking over me in envy as I ate a sweet roll for breakfast. He loved to eat what he shouldn’t. (: And yesterday as I looked up into the sky there wasn’t a cloud sight, but the blue hue of the atmosphere matched my dad’s piercing blue eyes. Yesterday was the week mark; I’m learning that these will be milestone dates that I’ll have to overcome and conquer, but I can do this knowing that he’s in every day. Love you dad!

Don McCoy says:

Phil Carter had a long history of service in the home furnishings industry. After graduation from college, his career spanned from time with J. C. Penny as a manager trainee, to a variety of positions representing wholesale suppliers to the retail trade. Phil Carter represented Mayo Furniture for 25 years in the North Texas Territory. Over those many years Phil earned every sales award that Mayo had to offer. During his time with Mayo, Phil opened a number of large accounts for Mayo, including Haverty’s (Texas), Stacy Furniture & Design, Freed Furniture, Weir’s Furniture, and many other independent retail dealers across the North Texas region. Phil was also the most dependable sales representatives on the Mayo team. We always knew Phil was out there working on behalf of Mayo every single work day. Having long served in the industry in the states of Texas and Oklahoma, Phil knew just about every person involved in the furniture industry in these two states. All of our Mayo customers loved Phil and all of the other members of our sales force and management team felt the same way. He was bigger than life and one of the sales titans in Mayo history. Phil was a very unique and special person and that is what we all loved about Phil. He was one of the most upbeat, optimistic people you would every meet. Phil was a person that always took a sincere interest in your individual life and what was going on with your family and circle of close friends. We all felt good about ourselves after time spent with Phil. Even as Phil’s health began to fail during the last couple of years, he never gave up hope that his life would get better. He was a great friend to all of us at Mayo.

Phil represented Mayo from May 1984 to Mayo 2009.

Rest in Peace Phil. We all loved you like a brother.

Mia Pavelle says:

Phil was our next door neighbor for 22 years. He and his wife, Lucille, became a part of our lives when we bought our home in 1992, and brought with us our eight-week-old son, and our five-year-old daughter. Our eight-week-old son is now 22, and lucky for him to have had Phil next door on a daily basis. Phil had a gift for instilling confidence in young people. He knew just the right thing to say, just the right question to ask. Those conversations may have been brief and subtle, but they were laced with Phil’s signature humor, and because of that perfect combination of factors, had an enormous impact on our son, as he seemed always a bit more confident after an encounter with Phil Carter. Thanks, Phil, for 22 years of friendship, and for helping us raise our children. You’ll be greatly missed.

Mia and Jack

Joe and Susan Horres says:

Susan and I have known Phil for several years. Susan and Phil started Dialysis on the same day. He was always very friendly to both of us and loved his Oklahoma Sooners football team and let everyone know he was a big fan. Another of his loves was the daily helping of microwave popcorn he enjoyed so much! We both will truly miss him and offer our sincere condolences to his family.
Joe and Susan Horres

Bryan White says:

Phillip was one of my two best friends. We often ran a mile down Morris street together. We often played 42 with my parents. He was with me when I tested our new Dodge on 24 (now 380) at 120mph. Great guy. He went to Howard Payne and I to Tech. Not the typical rowdy preacher’s son but, always positive and optimistic. I wish I could have caught up with him again.

Gregory Carter says:

I miss you Dad, you will always be with me as the voice of what was right and just inline with our family values. I know…I can here you telling me while my tears run down my face “Stop your sobbing and get back to work! you can cry while your asleep tonight” I will try each day to be more like you and maybe when I leave this place on to the next my Horns will have beaten the pants off your boomer sooners for bragging rights. I , Love and miss you so very much. Your oldest son Gregory

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