Carp, Alma Lilly


Carp, Alma Lilly (nee Sevier)

Alma ( 93) , known as MiMi, died October 30, 2014, peacefully at home. She was born Nov. 27, 1920, in Texarkana, TX, to Mary Helen Fountain and James Rector Sevier.

Alma graduated from Forest Ave. High School in 1939. Also that year she married her high school sweetheart, Robert Mason Carp. Together they had seven children: Victoria Ann, Judith Elaine, Elizabeth Louise, David William, Robert Mason, Marion Evelyn, and Edwin Abraham Carp., and she had one step-daughter, Lucy Gose. Alma had three sisters: Magaret (Pat) Lay, Joann Masters, and Jerry Frazier.

Alma was a housewife for many years until she and Robert divorced in 1957. She then worked at Texas Instruments, completed secretarial school and took a position as secretary with TI. She interrupted her career at TI with a hiatus during which she worked several different types of jobs.

Alma attended Collin County Community College during this hiatus, where she took several classes and tutored students in English as a Second Language. Her prized pupil was Ivy, with whom she stayed in touch for many years.

She returned to TI and remained in their employ until her retirement at age 70. She then worked a temp position into a full time position with David Ward Agency. She worked there for several years then finally was employed by Bryan Drazner, MD., at NJZ Medical as a Medical Records Clerk from which she retired at 85.

She was a devoted mother, a dutiful and loving wife, a beloved sister and daughter, and loyal friend. She was a blessing in the lives of each and every person she met. Her zest for life was surpassed only by her generosity and love of family and friends.

Alma was a long-term member of Temple Emanu-El and taught religious school for many years, helping to develop a drama program for the students. She also was a proud member of the Temple Emanu-El Choir and a life member of Hadassah.

Today the light in this world is just a little dimmer, but her legacy will live on in her good deeds. Alma was predeceased by her children Victoria Daniel, David William Carp, Robert Mason Carp, Jr., and step-daughter Lucy Gose. She is survived by her children Edwin Carp, Marion (Francisco) Quinones, Elizabeth (Keith) Cooper, Judith (Adam) Nieto, and seven grandchildren: Edward & MacAdam Nieto (wife Brandi), Amy Cooper Swafford, Joshua Quinones (wife Ivy), Teresa Hatfield, Dawn Nanez, and Aaron Daniel; 24 great-grand- children, numerous great-great grandchildren, and her life long friend , Adele Davidson.

A memorial service will be held on Friday, November 14 at 1:00 p.m. at the Temple Emanu-El Cemetery in the Mausoleum Chapel at 3430 Howell Street, with a gathering of family and friends to follow with the location to be announced at the memorial service.

Please send family condolences and sign the guestbook on this website.

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Judy Nieto says:

I will miss your sweet smile and your loving presence, Mom. You brought joy to each person you ever knew. You were and are loved by all who were blessed with being a part of your life. You were the very best mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, great-great grandmother, aunt, sister, friend, or in-law anyone could ever hope to have. I am so pleased that you were able to slip out of this life without pain or suffering. Everything of value or importance in life I learned from you, like how to treat others, how to love, how to avoid getting angry, and how to enjoy life. Two of the many things you taught us are “You are only as big as the person who can make you mad” and “if you can’t do the work you love, learn to love the work you do” Your memory will always be a blessing. I love you now and forever.

Sue Maraglino says:

I have had the honor of knowing Miss MiMi and her family for 26 years. During that time she was mentor, a work associate and dear friend. She always made me feel special and when she spoke with you, she made you feel that you were the only one in the world for her. May Y* bless her and hold her close as she was truly one of the sterling people in life.

Suzanne Leach says:

Mrs. Carp was not only the Mother to her kids, but to many more. Always had a smile on her face when Judy would say ” Mom, Suzanne’s coming to dinner “. Like she didn’t have enough with her own crew. With all the chaos of raising that many kids, I never saw her mad or upset. I’m sure she must have had her moments, but she never let it show. I remember one Christmas when I called to wish everyone Merry Christmas, and in her usual sweet voice
she thanked me and then in a very calm voice, she said she had to get off the phone now because the house was on
fire. That was just Mrs. Carp.

She would always listen to my problems with my family, and give very reassuring advice. She was my “go to” second Mom. Even when I lied to my Mom and Dad about having a full drivers license and then needed a parent to drive with me at driving school, she took her precious weekend time to be my “aunt” at my driving school so I didn’t have to confess to my parents. So many stories about a wonderful, loving sweet person. She will always have a special place in my heart.

Shirley Spitzberg says:

Alma was one of the sweetest women I have had the pleasure to know.She welcomed my family and me into her home on holidays which was so special to all of us. A lma never met a stranger.She will be missed,but will always be carried in our hearts.

Mac says:

There are few people on this earth as sweet as my Grandmother. As other have mentioned, I cannot remember seeing her angry, not once, ever. She had a disposition, that if it could be bottled, would end all wars and conflict. She had a way of seeing the silver lining of even the darkest clouds. She gave of herself to anyone that needed help without even a thought of receiving anything in return. I am so thankful that my girls got to know their “Grand Mimi”.

As people age, they often become more cynical, grumpy, impatient, and intolerant. Mimi seemed to grow more patient, tolerant, loving, and caring as she aged. We should all be so fortunate. There are simply not enough ways to describe what a beautiful person she was. We will all miss you Mimi.

Posy McMillen says:

Alma was a real trooper. She went with us to Israel about ten years ago – don’t know how she did it at that age, but she never (as usual) stopped smiling.
I don’t know the other siblings in the family, but my dear Elizabeth is definitely cut from the same cloth as Alma
She will be greatly missed.

Ann Schwartzwald says:

It is a blessing that I was able to have Alma in my life. What a gentle soul she was. I will always carry her in my heart and her sweet smile in my mind’s eye. I love you, Alma.

Sarah says:

Mimi you were such an amazing woman I am so glad that I could call you my Mimi I remember I would always tell people that you were the sweetest person I had ever known and I wish there was alot more like you I never once saw you mad or angry or without a smile on your sweet little face! I always loved when we would get to come to your house I could have stayed there forever! I don’t think I ever told you this but the highlight of my childhood was me and you writing letters to each other because even though we could see each other every day or even that often you made sure I still felt as if we saw each other all the time and it meant the world to me that you took the time to do so!!! I am so glad that my kids got to meet you as well and they loved you very much! We will sure miss you but will never forget about you and you will forever be in our hearts! Love you always and forever!!!

Teresa Hatfield says:

Mimi is the best, most beautiful grandmother in the world. She never got angry, she never lost her patience with us grandkids, or anyone else. Mimi you are a beautiful, loving, caring, person, and anyone that had the pleasure of meeting you or knowing you was truly blessed. I have many wonderful memories of my Mimi to hold onto but there is one special memory that always comes to mind first. When I was about 8 or 9 years old my Mimi bought me a pair of red Hot Pants and boots, which was the style at that time. She also got me a knitted or crocheted sleeveless sweater vest that was red, white & blue to go with it and a pair of white go-go boots. One Saturday Mimi came to get me so we could spend the day together shopping and eating lunch. She asked me to wear my new outfit, so I did. I never felt more loved than I did that day. Mimi came to the house to get me and when she walked through the door I was so excited and happy to see her. Mimi was dressed in exactly the same outfit that I had on. She looked so beautiful, I couldn’t believe it!! She wore a white turtleneck shirt, red hot pants and the red, white, & blue sweater with her white go-go boots!!!!!! I had the hippest grandmother in the world!!!!! We got so many looks and compliments, it was the best day ever!!! One thing you have to know about Mimi is that she always seemed younger than she was and looked younger too because she took good care of herself. Mimi, you will be missed terribly, but never forgotten. I Love You Mimi and am thankful everyday that I was blessed to be one of your grandchildren.

Marion Carp Quinones says:

Daughter of Alma Carp and Robert Carp.

Marion Carp Quinones says:

My Mom was the sweetest most precious person I ever had the honor to know. She was one of a kind everyone loved her and she loved everyone back. No one ever lived more loving than Mimi. I love you Mama and will always miss you and will be happy to see you again. Your baby girl.

Marion Carp Quinones says:

My Mama was the sweetest person I have ever known. She loved unconditionally everyone she ever knew. She always saw the good in everyone. I know everyone in heaven was as happy to see her as we were sorry to see her go. I see God does answer prayers. My Mom died in her sleep with no pain and that was her blessing. She lived and incredible life and left love in every life she touched. I miss you Mom but I will be with you again when the time is right. Love you

Dr. C. Michaels. says:

I knew Mimi for 15 years, but really became to know her better for the last 10 years.

She was the sweetest most positive woman I ever met, a true blessing to the world. Any time anything negative happened in her life, or anyone else’s she would say ‘Just Bless them honey’ and she always did, even if birds messed up her car. How’s that for good will.

Mimi would begin every day with a concoction of ¼ cup Cottage Cheese, Juice Plus, UDO’s Oil, and a dash of Taco Sauce. Also, the famous diet Cabbage Soup was enhanced by Mimi’s version, which included all the left overs in the refrigerator that week, better known as ‘The Kitchen Sink Soup’. Both of these Mimi creations she attributed to her keeping such good health and advanced age.

At 80 years of age, her son ‘Bino’ bought her a big red tricycle to use for exercise. She enjoyed it very much until, unfortunately, she fell and broke her arm, and her riding days were over.

At 85 she made a trip to Israel with a Christian Church group and stories have it that she was the most energetic, excited happy member of all. When she came home, she told everyone the trip was amazing, wonderful and the food was delicious. Mimi also told everyone that if they go to Israel they must see the Chagall Windows at Hadassah Hospital because they were so beautiful.

Mimi had the greatest personality, loving, kind and always smiling. Her signature attire was her colorful unique hats which were worn with great flair.

It was a great gift to know her and she was a wonderful example of how we all should live.

Lynne Harrison Reese says:

I loved Alma when I worked with her at TI and, even though I have not seen her since then, I have often thought about her and wondered where she was and how she was doing and thought about trying to get in touch with her. To my sorrow, I will not get that chance. I loved her so much and always thought of her as the big sister I never had. We had so much fun at TI and would keep all the other secretaries calm when tempers would flare and frustrations became almost too much to bear. There Alma would be to talk to us in that gentle manner and I always wondered how she could be that kind and loving to everyone! And she was the most wonderful friend. You could talk to her about anything and always kept our talks private with no gossiping. I cherish these memories and will always regret that I did not remain in touch with her. My paths took me to different corners of this world but I will always remember Mama Alma. God bless you, my precious friend!

Joni Nason says:

I worked with Alma at Texas Instruments during the latter part of the 1960s. We worked in Purchasing in the SC Building. She was very helpful to me when I started work there. She was a lovely, outgoing person and tried to help me find another position there when I was laid off. I will always remember her fondly.

My condolences to the family.

Joni Nason

Leah Williams says:

I was privileged to know MiMi only a short time yet from the first she settled in my heart as a woman with the capability to make others smile and feel stronger just being in her company. We had lunch alone one day in Oklahoma and I still see her face when she spoke of Mac being married the next day and her love of him. When I visited over the years and then moved to Dallas she was more beautiful and loving each day. Time was wonderful in her company as she smiled and loved everyone around her. I am privileged to have known her and will always think of her as MiMi in her red hat with a smile that lit her eyes. My life will be forever blessed for having known her.

Timothy Martinez says:

Sometimes we encounter beautiful individuals that inspire us to love. This was Alma. I feel completely honored and blessed having known her.

Sheri Allen says:

I am so glad to have known this beautiful lady. I didn’t get the chance to be around her much but the times I saw her she was a kind and gentle lady and always had a smile on her face. She loved all those around her and especially had a lot of love for our sweet granddaughters, kaitlynn and Lauren. I thought it was pretty cool that she was riding the streets on her 3 wheeled bike at her age. I know she will be missed by many.

Eddie Nieto says:

Mimi was one of the sweetest women I have had in my life. She taught me how to be compassionate and strong at the same time. She will always be in my heart and watching over me. I love you my Mimi.

John Zaika says:

She was the most wonderful women, Always so kind to me, and made me the best meals and endless laughs. Prayers to the family.

may anderson says:

my thoughts and prayers are with you during this time of loss. my god give you strength at this time.

kim hendricks weatherly says:

Bino just wanted you to know I’m sorry about your mom.You take care.Love,Kim Hendricks

Jonny Knieff says:

Great sympathy and condolences from your friend and (former) neighbor, Jonny. Your mom was very nice despite putting up with ya’ll!

Noel and Robin Ragin says:

Our thoughts and prayers are with you. We thank you for the time we had with Eddie and Mimi sitting out on the patio at Burger House, and for giving us such sweet memories.

Eric & Angela Evans says:

We’ll always remember Aunt Alma as the sweetest, most gentle soul. We’re blessed for having known her and will carry her in our hearts. Keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers…

Jacob Hatfield says:

Mimi was a very caring and loving woman. She was the greatest great grandmother any of us could have been blessed to have in our lives. One of my favorite memories of her was all the great grandchildren siting for hours and watching Disney movies with her. The memories made with her will last a lifetime. Love you always and miss you Mimi.

Jacob Hatfield-great grandson

Jesse & Sharyl Markovits says:

We are so blessed to have had Alma in our life. A woman warm and gracious with a rich love for life and knowledge. Alma taught me to have a deep appreciation for classical music (because she listened to it every day I worked with her!) But I realized after she retired from the job, that I missed not only her but the music as well! Classical music will always take me back in time to Alma’s sweet smile. Shalom to her family that she loved so deeply.

Kevin Hearn says:

I loved Ms. Carp like the mother I never had. She , would make cheese toast for Bino & I before school.She was such a caring , loving person.God Bless her

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