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Jaclyn Moehring of Plano, Texas, passed away on Wednesday, November 26, 2014. She was 51 years old.

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Don Henderson says:

Jackie had one of the biggest hearts of anyone I’ve known. I will greatly miss her, but I will remember her and her laugh and great friendship for the rest of my life.

Edith Miller says:

Jackie is going to be sadly missed she was always the upbeat one who kept everyone motivated even if not on her team. She listened to me many times and gave me great advise in many matters in and out of work. I can hear the 100’s ringing around work with the hand clappers going I will remember you with a smile. Thank you for being you.

Jeff Molepske says:

I am extremely sorry for your loss, I know this is an extremely hard thing to go thru, I had a loved one pass away recently also.

Jackie was always great to me, challenged me and pushed me to do well with BoA, always let me know that even if my numbers were good, that I could do more, she made a boring job fun. It’s a meat experience when you can enjoy going to work because of the person you are working for.

Farrah Derr says:

i am deeply sadden to hear this news.. Jackie was the sweetest lady i have ever known. She will be truly missed.I loved her so.. RIP Jackie

Brandy Gibson says:

Deepest sympathy and prayers to the Moehring Family. Jackie was a wonderful, caring individual and will be greatly missed.

Felipe Castro says:

With a heavy heart and teary eyes, I write my condolences to you and your family. Jackie was an amazing woman and a great mentor to many. She will truly be missed. I was lucky to see her and to be able to spend time with her Wednesday. Not knowing that would be the last time to see her. She helped me with my homework and we talked for hours about school. I will MISS YOU!!!!

Kenya Addison says:

Jaclyn was a wonderful and sweet person! she will be greatly missed! Rev. 31: 3&5 and Matthew 6:9&10.

Taylor Power says:

I don’t want to write this because I don’t want it to be true. Jackie I loved you like I love my own mother – I will never forget you and thank you for being a part of my life. I loved being your daughter – Taylor

Rich Klein says:


You meant so much to me and to all who knew and loved you at BAC. You will be missed very much for what you did at work and outside work as well.


Michelle Miller says:

Jackie was such an inspiration in my life and I am so sad to hear that we lost a wonderful woman and she will be greatly miss. I pray for the family and offer my deepest condolences for losing a truly beautiful person.

Mariana Cornejo says:

I can’t believe you’re gone! I’m going to miss hearing you at work, yelling out names and praising your team for a job well done! You were such a great leader. I’ve always admired your determination and ability to get things done, you were one of a kind Jackie and we are going to miss terribly!

Ruben Garcia says:

Jackie, I and we will greatly miss you. Your ambition to excel and never be satisfied, to push for more, to strive for who we can be will always stay with us. I am grateful that we crossed paths and what you’ve taught me will not go to waste. Pains me to say but you’ve now reminded and taught me again – to always be thankful, grateful, and appreciative of everyone that helps us on our life’s journey. Forever remembered – rest in power.

Christal Ingram says:

Jackie I will miss the passion you displayed for your teams, peers, the company, but most of all, those hundreds of people you helped keep their homes. There are few that came in so early and stayed so late to make sure the job was completed. Although we didn’t always agree, I admire your knowledge and leadership. We will miss you. You can’t divide by zero! I’ll leave it at that.

Maiya Dixon says:

Dearest Jackie:

Though I am humbled and saddened by the news of your passing, I rejoice remembering your laugh and zest for life. You were an awesome soul, and will forever be missed. To be absent from the body is to be present with the lord. Our loss is most certainly Heaven’s gain.

Kristen Lopez says:

Words cannot describe how I felt towards Jaclyn. Her smile was contagious, her laugh was delightful, and her passion for her customers was unbelievable. I’ll never forget our last conversation, our daily smoke breaks, and her delish pesto! She was like an aunt to me and one of the most inspirational people I have ever met. Jackie, I miss you all ready. You will not be forgotten!

Leslie Collier says:

I will forever be thankful for Jaclyn’s compassion, mentoring, kindness and fighting spirit. Her presence and teaching inspired greatness in me–she always pushed me to be my best. Our time together will be cherished and never forgotten. One of the best women I have ever been blessed to know.

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”

Maya Angelou

Saffiya Jarvis says:

Ken and family-
I want to express my deepest sympathy and condolences to all of you. I’m at a loss for words and I can’t believe that she’s been taken from us so soon. Jackie was one of the kindest and most genuine people I had the pleasure of knowing. She lived her life in a BIG way, and was never afraid to be herself. She had a large personality, and an even larger heart. I love you Jacks and you will forever be in my heart!

Corey Yaxley says:

Jackie aka J-Moe, I love you like a mother. You mentored and inspired me on a daily basis. You were nothing short of amazing to watch in action. You were one of the greatest tranformational leaders I have ever worked with or known. I am so honored and blessed that I got to spend all day last Tuesday and Wednesday with you at work. We had a great time catching up, and great conversation. I will cherish that time and all the time I had with you. You have a huge impact on my life and blessed me so much in the 7 months I knew you. I will honor you and consider myself with the rest of your family of choice here at work as part of your legacy. We will take everything that was great about you and take it to the highest level I can. By bringing excellence, leading from my heart, and not my head, pouring into everyone around me what wisdom and love I have, raising up leaders by empowering them and teaching them, give more, never have any excuse not to be my best every day. Tell the truth no matter what! These are just some of the many great qualities you showed me and everyone every single day. You were always “ALL IN” no matter what. No matter what was going on around you, no matter how you felt, etc. You never made excuses, you just made it happen and we all benefitted from it. I soaked it all up like a sponge so I could take everyone around me to another level. You were always about others first! The biggest giver I have ever seen. You tongue always matched your shoe. You always walked out what you talked. You were a Mama Bear to us all and took the best care of your cubs! I will always love you and there isn’t anything you or anyone can do about it. Thank you for being a huge part of my life and alowing me to be a part of your legacy.

Shenida Gamble says:

I am going to miss you so much. I am still at a loss for words. Thank you for everything that you have done for me.

Shanil Moody says:

Jackie was truly one of the greatest and influential persons I have ever met. Such a hugh heart, a big personality and spirit in a tiny lady. She had the incredible forethought to make everyone in her presence know their value. I have the memory of Jackie calling our names
or laughing at some silliness that happened on our team. My thoughts and prayers to Jackie’s family and all of her many friends.

Kenneth Moehring says:

Thank you all for your words, thoughts and prayers. I will be having a special service for her once I can work my way up to it.

Torey Moore says:

Ken no words can express my sympathy enough. Honestly if you need anything I am available. Jane my heart goes out to you I know how you close you and Jackie were. Jackie My God. I know you she loved me! She cared for me like I was her own flesh and blood and the feeling was mutual. Tiara(my 7yr old daughter) screamed when she heard the news for she truly loved her. Jackie had a profound effect on every aspect of my life. She helped me through some of the worst moments in my life and just when things were turning around…. This woman was a GOD sent woman who will be truly missed.I thank GOD for every moment he gave me with her the good the bad and the ugly. No one will ever be able to replace her. Her memory will always be cherished in my life. Forever.

Monique Lee says:

Although I never met you in person, we were classmates online at UNT, therefore, you were my sister in the pursuit of higher education. May God be with your family and friends and bring them peace that passes all understanding.

Tae Hunter says:

Jackie was a great woman, always kind to everyone and willing to help all. Truely a beautiful person, with a heart of gold. God bless & condolence to Mr Moehring.

Ke-Key Fizer says:

I was blessed to have know such an amazing women! Jackie’s heart for people and her passion for life and work was beyond anything I’ve ever seen!! She motivated me and continued to push me to become better an more confident! I will always remember and love you Jackie. My deepest sympathy to her loving husband Ken and Family!

Shameka Tasby says:


You were a beautiful Woman and always willing to lend a helping hand. I can remember saying or she is back…because all I could hear was Hey guys on my team. Then the following week was told the news. I pray for family at this crucial moment. To the family…know that God makes no mistakes! She is in a better Place with no suffering. R.I.P Jaclyn Moehring!!

Becki Nicholson says:

Ken there are no words I can say right now to ease the pain you must be feeling. Even though I never got to meet you in person I feel like I know you because of all the conversations Jackie and I would have. You will always be in our Family here at BOA and if you need anything at all please call upon us. You are not alone. Jackie this is so hard for me to sit and write this because I just cant believe your gone. The memories and conversations I have had with you will live in my heart forever. You were my work mom. I could come to you anytime I needed to. I shared my bad times and good times with you. You inspired me to be better and shoot for my goals. Im going to miss all the cheering and the good morning everyone when you walked on the floor. I really miss the come on guys lets have a pull up hurry up the bus is leaving. There will never be anyone ever like you but we will definately do our best to carry on your legacy here. I can say for sure we lost a best friend, great manager, mentor, mom to us all and you will be missed. I love you Jacklyn Moehring may you rest in peace. I hope the love you showed us that you knew we loved you just the same. This is not Goodbye this is I will see you later.

Chandra Anderson says:

My condolences to the Moehring family, my God continue to be with you all in this time of need. Jackie will be greatly missed, her wonderful spirit, loud voice, great sense of style and huge heart. Heaven has truly gained an angel. Rest in paradise.

Charolette Winslett says:

Jackie,I am missing you more and more everyday.I will never ever forget you.You and my daughter were so much alike, sharing birthdays in July,born under the sign of Cancer:Top of line in your work ethics, also demanding excellence,generous and kind. And not to leave out that you were Classy and Beautiful in every way. No one here on earth will ever be like you or fill your shoes at BOA. I Love You. Heaven has the Best now!! Peace and Love to your family……

Genero Noeggerath says:

Jacs… I cannot believe you are not with us anymore! Anyone to have known her, were truly privledged. Jackie, you were loved and will be missed. May God bless your soul, rest in peace.

Karol Yepez says:

Ken, I’m really really sorry for your loss, I know words can’t heal the pain you’re felling but I will pray so that God can heal you and be with you every day to hold you and carry you. I can’t believe she’s gone and to be honest it’s just hitting me right now as I writing this. Jackie you were a woman of great and deep convictions, a go getter and always reaching out to help others. Thank you for the entire life lesson you gave me and sorry for not loving you more. Rest in peace Jackie, you are missed and will be miss. Your east coast friend

Tanya williams says:

I am praying for Jackies family as my heart goes out to her family and friends, for I know this is a hard time. I knew Jackie but didn’t have a close realationship with her as some others did but I was still blessed to at less know this beautiful angel that God sent from above. She included me as if I was apart of her team and gave my child the best babyshower gift ever. She kept us laughing and made the day go by faster with her enthusiasm. She will be truly missed may you R.I.P. Love you

shalandra franklin says:

Words can’t express the way I feel about you Jaclyn Moehring. You were a wonderful woman and had a huge heart. I only knew you for a year, but it seemed much longer. You were a phenomenal woman. One thing I will never forget is the praises you did for our team especially yelling 100!!! whenever our QA scores came out. Missing you more and more everyday RIP sweet Jackie

James West says:

This seems unreal. Jackie was working overtime at the job making sure that what needed to be done got done, as well burning the midnight oil studying to get herself into a better situation. She was a ma’am with a plan, and she was driven and making those goals come true. I know she had so much more to achieve, that it feels unfair that she didn’t get to the end of her goals. Ken, my deepest condolence goes out to you as you are left holding the torch after her flame has been extinguished.

J. Clark says:

I knew Jackie when I was in college. I was just thinking of her and am saddened and dismayed to find I am too late to reconnect. Jackie had the best smile and laugh in the world and the hugest heart. She was a wonderful, caring and fun friend. I’m glad she found someone to love and be loved by and am very sorry for your loss.

Kim says:

This has been a long time coming. Jackie, you know I was never good with this kind of thing. You were the most passionate person I’ve ever met. Not just about work but about everything you had your hand in. You were so caring, full of love, so vibrant, full of never wanted us to be blindsided with anything, you wanted us to be prepared and to have the best. You did everything you could to take care of the people you loved and I admired that so much. You cared beyond business, you were like a mother to so many of us and I know that you will continue to live on with each of us. We can all say some sort of “I could hear Jackie right now…” and no matter how that statement would finish, we would all have a smile on our faces remembering you. You encouraged me to continue with my education and look at me now, 2 1/2 more classes to complete my MBA. I didnt think I would make it but you knew I could. I appreciate you believing in me and encouraging me to do things I didnt think I could. Rest in peace Jackie, knowing you are still truly loved.

Elaine Sosa says:

Its coming close to a year, and I still can’t believe you are not among us…but I know you are surely in a better place and resting peacefully. Jackie, I truely miss you and am so thankful to have had you mentor me and encourage me in all areas of my life. You are a genuine and a Touch of life to many you encountered. You allowed me to be close in personal areas of your life as well did I. You will forever life in my heart and in my memories. I miss you and honor you legacy!!

David Oliver says:

It’s taken me a couple years to write this. Losing 2 best friends in a single week broke me in 2014.
Jacky was my boss, mentor, friend, most importantly, she was family. Through 3 years of friendship she and I shared so much. I’ll never forget anything she taught me.
Thank you Jacky. For everything.

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