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Fischer, Payton Marie


It is with extreme heartbreak that the family announces the passing of Payton Marie Fischer, age 20, of Celina Texas. She died in an unfortunate accident on an all terrain vehicle in Arlington, Texas late Friday evening on March 27. Payton was born on January 15, 2000 to Heather Kuharchek and Jesse Fischer. Her immense light was burning bright the moment she was born. While the nurses cleaned her, she had a beaming smile! She attended Arlington Classics Academy in Arlington Texas. She was active in ballet, hip hop, girl scouts and cheerleading. She loved being outdoors riding her bike, skating or riding her scooter. Friendships began as a toddler were continually cultivated by Payton throughout her life. Integrity in a true friendship she understood and taught others. So many people young and old, looked to her wise insight. She moved to Colorado while in elementary school. Her appreciation of nature grew deeper as she enjoyed camping and fishing with her family, and gained new friends in Littleton, which she has remained close to. She moved back to Texas and settled in Celina in 2013. She fell in love with school spirit and passionate about attending Wildcat football games. Payton graduated from Celina High School in 2019. One of her favorite classes was being a member of AG. Working around many animals; pigs, sheep, and other livestock was her passion. Any reason be around animals, and Payton was happily there. She began volunteering at ManeGait Horse Farm, in McKinney in the fall of 2017. She started as a Barn Buddy cleaning stalls to then training as a Horse Leader, sharing the magic of therapeutic riding in equine training. ManeGait offers equine therapy to over 150 adults and children weekly. She counted many, among her friends in the Celina-Prosper area.

People that knew her well were drawn to her. Words which keep surfacing to describe her is: “That she is a shining light”, “one of a kind”, “sweet”, “fearless”, and above all… “compassionate”. Her cousin stated, (that even though she was the smallest of them), she was always the leader of the pack when the cousins got together. She definitely knew her own mind, and the words, [no, you can’t] weren’t in her vocabulary. Payton lived life fully and enjoyed making other’s feel important. A phenomenal listener to many of her friends made her their, “go-to girl” when needing comfort or advice. She made an impact on so many, and left a permanent impression on them. It shows when in a matter of days, hundreds of people of all ages have begun celebrating the amazing dynamic of Payton Marie Fischer and her life – just as she has always done for those who knew her. She loved well and she loved deep. She continues to make the world brighter as our shining star, now in heaven.

Payton worked as a hostess for Chilli’s restaurant while attending classes at Collin College. She is survived by her parents, Heather Mason, Todd Mason, and Jesse Fischer, her sister Emma, Grandparents, Cyndi Fischer and Glenn, Kathleen Tucci and Jack Cassidy, Tim and Shannon Kuharchek, Ted and Linda Mason, Great Grandmothers, Ethel Even, Elaine Fischer, and Great Grandparents, Mary and Burton, Aunt and Uncles, Chris and Jennie, Brock, and Great Uncles, Doug Even and wife Nanette,  Shawn and wife, Brenda, Tim and wife, Dawn, and Great Aunts, Mary Skogsberg,  Cynthia and Steve. God Parents, Jeremiah Even, Heather Maddox and Brock Kuharchek as well as a multitude of cousins and extended family she was extremely close to. She was preceded in death by her beloved Papa Wayne Fischer, “Uncle” Jim, and Great-Great Grandmother, Claudia Fels.

Payton forever changed all those she met. Many say it, but to meet Payton was encountering an earth angel and the minute she smiled at you and her eyes met yours, you knew you just experienced something heavenly. Her soul was selfless and kind. Once even turning back on a busy freeway to give her last dollar to a homeless man, she desired the world to be a gentle place. One where love is all we saw – and that being ‘present in awareness’ meant making the most of every moment when you’re in it. Drinking in the imagery of life itself. She was unafraid to lead when necessary and created a personal reputation of caring for others through her relatable, inner light. Payton will be thought of continually by us all forever. Remembering how she has touched each of us in so many facets, like a diamond in the sky, her bright soul shines and illuminates us. Her Mother, Heather wrote poem and loving tribute to Payton:

In loving memory of, My Baby Payton Marie,

You are missed greatly and will always be.

I’m holding on tight, and won’t ever let go,

Of your beautiful, kind amazing soul.

Grandma Cyndi and Glenn, Jesse, Nanny Kat and Jack, Nanny Linda and Ted,

Chris and Jennie, Brock, Todd, Emma and I,

Promise to live, in the same light you did,

Always willing to help others, and care for each other.

Today is hard, but knowing you’re not that far, just above us in heaven,

With Papa Wayne, Grandma Fels, and all the stars⭐️,

When thinking of you, I’ll chose not to turn blue,

But remember you, just as you are, the most beautiful Star!

With all the love in my heart, you are the first, My Baby Payton Marie!

Love Always and Forever, Mom

In Lieu of Flowers, we are setting up a not-for-profit charity, Paws for Payton. Payton loved animals of all kinds; horses, cows, goats, chickens, dogs, cats, lizards, mice, and yes, even worms! Paws for Payton, will provide all those who knew her and loved her, an ongoing opportunity to honor her in a way Payton will be thrilled about. Her concern for the well being of furry friends and other animals and the unconditional love she showed for them, Paws for Payton provides us that same way to continue her effort and honor her in spirit.

Since Payton spent time volunteering at the wonderful organization, ManeGait Therapeutic Horsemanship Farm, working with children and adults with disabilities, we thought it most appropriate for this to be the first charity we donate to. You can donate directly by going to and click on the DONATE NOW button at the top of their Home page. At the bottom of your donation form where it asks ‘how you would like your gift recognized’ please enter : “In Loving Memory of Paws for Payton Fischer”.


Payton’s recorded service will be available soon. 


35 replies on “Fischer, Payton Marie”

Shannon Henneberry says:

Dearest Payton,
We are heartbroken and devastated at this time. We will miss you and love you for all time. We hope all your pains and sorrows are now gone and you are at peace and joy for all eternity. Love forever Grandpa Tim and Shannon

Cynthia & Steve says:

Our hearts ache and we’re sending prayers for comfort for you all. Payton was such a sweet, tender soul with so much love to give. You could feel her warmth when she was in the room. Whenever we saw her she had a smile on her face, which was contagious and always a kind word to say. She was beautiful both inside and out. You will be forever loved and missed Payton. Love, Cynthia & Steve ❤️❤️❤️

Pam Bailey says:

Payton my dear girl, I never got the opportunity to meet you but I know Grandpa Wayne , Grandma Cyndi and Daddy. I know how deep there love was for you. You was their shining light when times were tough. I pray they can find their way through this knowing you are shining down on them RIP. Pam Bailey

Joel Torres says:

I never had the chance to meet Payton, but I feel like I knew her. Her grandma Cyndi was always talking about her. RIP Payton and enjoy your time in heaven with your Papa Wayne. My deepest condolences to Cyndi and all the family. 🙁

Oh and I just learned that she volunteered at ManeGait just like me 🙂

Jada Mullins says:

I remember the days we played dress up & had tea parties. Even if it was so long ago it was always so fun to be over God Mama Cyndis house. I couldn’t wait to play with you and all your fun toys. The good times are always the best memories and that’s all i had with you was nothing but good memories. We will miss you so much but we know you are in a better place. Love you so much,


Leann Younger says:

Dearest Payton, I didn’t personally know you well (although the first time I met you at the community pool with your Grandma Cyndi seems like just yesterday – you might have been 9 or 10), I have watched you grow up virtually because you are the center if her world. Be it talking, texting, looking at pics or seeing pics in FB – I watched you grow into a beautiful, kind young lady, inside and out.
Don’t you fret – Grandma Cyndi will be fine – while your in heaven smiling down on her from above, we will be by her side, only a phone call away when she is lonely, sad, lost or remembers something special about you that she just has to tell us.
We hope Paws for Payton makes you proud, and joyful knowing we will do our best to care of all the fur and non-fur babies that need help.
Until we are all together again – my dearest, sweet Payton. Rest in Peace. You are now and always will be loved by all, but most of all by your beloved Grandma Cyndi. Xoxoxo

Jarren Alexander says:


Donna Brandeberry says:

So very sorry for your loss. Prayers and blessings.

Ellen George says:

The love around Payton burns so brightly! That love will never leave. It’s hard to say goodbye, but it’s not really goodbye. Her Spirit will continually be there for all who loved her.
We say ‘May her Memory be Eternal’ and she will always be remembered by all she touched,
May God be with this wonderful family and know this Bright Spirit will always be with them.

May her Memory be Eternal.
Ellen George, Atlanta

Ameerah putilla says:

I will always remember the good times we had💞 rip p💙

Melba C. Smith/Sierra's GM says:

Payton was a PRECIOUS young lady.
She will be missed! May she rest in PEACE.

Amanda says:

Payton, i want you to know your amazing person and im very greatful for the short timw we knew each other. I promise to you i will always be there for your dad. We both love you and will miss u so much.Fly High babygirl Missed but never forgotten

Dameon Jones says:

Pfishy was a beautiful soul but also a force to be reckoned with. She was the boldest person I knew and would do anything for her friends and family. There was so much more to Payton than you could see on the outside. If she let you get close enough she would be by your side forever. She was such a good friend, cared so much, and loved so deeply. This breaks my heart but her free, angelic soul is flying high watching over us. Thank you for showing us all how to enjoy life Payton you will be with us forever in spirit and memory. Rest in paradise ❤️

Austin says:

Condolences from the Peck family. Loves

Ana Brush says:

Payton, my sister forever. You were a light in my life that can never be replaced. I thank you for coming to me in my dream and allowing my family to say goodbye to you. I hope you and Wayne are looking down on Cyndi now, being her guardian angels. Pet Wayne’s puppy dog head for me ❤️ I love you endlessly.

Katie Troutman says:

I know Payton only through the love that radiated from her grandma Kathleen whenever she spoke of her. She is greatly loved and will always be remembered. My love and prayers are with you all at this time.

Jenny Brush and Family says:

We love you so much Paytonski and can’t believe you’re gone. Spread your wings and fly sweet girl and tell Papa Wayne hello for us!

Luis Robles says:

Cyndi, I know how much you love Payton, please accept my condolences. We have Payton and all her loved ones in our prayers.

Aliya Perez says:

Thank you for all the great memories & laughs you gave me. I’m gonna miss you so much, I’ll always be so thankful for you. this isn’t goodbye, I’ll see you soon❤️ Rest In Peace sweet girl. love you, always & forever!

auntie Sheila says:

Payton my dearest. Of course my heart is broken and the tears oh my, but You were the best thing that happened to the family and I’ll always cherish each and every moment spent with you.I’m not mad, I TRUST GOD and I know because of the Angel that you are and the spirit you possess leaves me with the strength to know you’re joining the rest of the Angels whom GOD has assigned to watch over us. You’re needed up there and I am not mad. Take care of us and we will see you later. L Love you Payton. Shine on!

Jay Moore says:

There simply are no words to describe how terribly sorry I am for you and your family. Just know you are loved.

Jose Solano says:

Cyndi, our deepest condolences on behalf of my family and my teammates here at Aesbus Mx. It’s painful to lose a loved one, and it’s even worse when the one that leaves us is soo young. We feel your pain and we will keep you and your family in our pairs. “What we have once enjoyed deeply we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us”. Helen Keller.

Sam Davey says:

Thank you for always being there for me and just being a true friend! & always telling me you loved me! You gave me a lot of great memories that I’ll treasure forever. I love you Payton fly high!

Eve Fairley says:

Our sincere condolences. May the love, prayers and support of your family and friends bring you comfort during this most difficult time – Love, Fairley Family

Maureen Bonifazi says:

My sincere condolences on the loss of Payton. GodSpeed

Troy Robey says:

Peyton, you were always so kind and thoughtful. You were often pretty quiet at first, but over the course of a family gathering you would eventually open up and have fun and be silly. I definitely remember you and my niece Kayte having fun at my and Andrea’s wedding. And that family reunion at Flathead lake when you were in the water all the time. I will remember you always and am lucky to have you in my heart. Troy

Mary Gates says:

Sending you all love at this difficult time. She was a beautiful light of love. She was so special.

Shirley Denmark says:

Joyful, happy, kind, special, loving and warm as sunshine these are words the describe dearest Payton. A true friend to all animals and people. My heart breaks for Cyndi and her entire family.

Deb/Dale Johnson says:

We are so sorry for your loss of your beautiful daughter Payton Marie. It’s so hard to understand why Payton had to leave this world 🌎 In her short time Payton lived life to the fullest Sprinkling happiness everywhere she went. My you find comfort in knowing Payton is spreading her wings with the angels and rejoicing with her heavenly family ♦️

Sheryl Schwengler says:

There are no words to say that can make the pain go away. She was a beautiful young lady and I know you’ll treasure her memory. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. God Bless. Sheryl, Rachel, and Alan

Renda Jones-Napolitano says:

My heart aches. You were such a sweet and besutiful soul. My thought and prayers are with the family during your time of grief.

Alex Ramirez says:

We are all realizing how hard life is without you. You will always be a light in the darkness. You are a very beautiful angel. Rest easy. Love you angel. Alex Ramirez will always remember the effect you made in her life

Tyra Devereaux says:

Although I never knew Payton, I know that she was a beautiful soul because I know her Dear Mother Heather Heather is a sweet ball of sunshine stuff.
Although or maybe very hard to understand why she had to leave us but my only understanding is that God needed her more. ❤
My heart breaks for you
Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints Psalm 116:15

Derek Posey says:

Payton I only knew you as a child but even then you were a little ray of sunlight that made me light up when I saw you. I could only imagine you as a young woman changing peoples lives. This is truely a sad day for me to see that you have passed. My prayers to your family. Your mother was near and dear to me and so were you. My prayers go out to your family and everyone who’s you’ve touched. Your spirit lives on. I know you’re watching down on your family and friends. RIP. Untill we see you again you will be missed.

savannah says:

i love you. i miss you every day.

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