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Kurt Alan Perko of The Colony, Texas passed away on Monday, April 20, 2020 at the age of 43.

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Alex Hearn says:

Kurt, I wish that we had an opportunity to have one more conversation about hot rods and motorcycles. Your absence is already felt by many. You will be missed. Godspeed, my friend.

Dustin says:

Kurt was a super fun guy to work with he had so much passion in his daily efforts to improve the Parts & Service world at Acura I only had the opportunity to work with Kurt for a few short years back in 07 & 08 but they were some of the best year in my Career. Kurt your the Best you will be missed by many.

Will Price says:

Kurt, I can’t remember a time where you weren’t smiling and bringing some laughter to the office. You always made sure to say hi on your way in and I enjoyed the time we shared in and out of the office. Rest in peace brother.

My condolences to the family and I pray for your comfort, peace and understanding in this time.

Beth Wilson says:

Kurt, I’m still in shock that you are gone. I will miss your smile. You were my buddy. I pray that you are at peace. God has been busy listening to my prayers. I love you Kurt.

Jennifer Peyton says:

Your energy and contagious smile will always be remembered. It would have been great to have shared one last cupcake and few laughs. See you on the other side my friend.

Terence Flolu says:

My deepest and most sincere condolences to your family. May your soul rest in solemn peace

Ron Resnick says:

Kurt, so many great memories and good times we had. Always kept in touch even when we both went in different directions. I will miss sharing a beer, some great conversation about car, bikes and whatever. I will miss you. My thoughts are with the family. My deepest sympathies.

Deron L says:

So many great times hanging out together. I
will always cherish those memories. My sincerest condolences to the family.

Brendan Lee Sapp says:

I literally do not have the words after hearing this news. 🙏🏼😢

John R Garcia - Tega Cay, SC says:

Kurt! What an awesome friend… I can’t begin to imagine all of the great memories we had with Kurt. I say we because there was us, a big few in Pueblo who used to hang out and ride, ride, and ride…. So many great times of us riding together, drinking beer, and just shenanigans amongst all of us. Good times… Kurt, I will miss you my friend. I wish the family my thoughts and prayers. John Garcia, ZX7 and CBR900RR

Ric Ferracini says:

I can’t explain how much I’m going to Kurt. He was a good friend, co-worker and trusted advisor. I wish him peace in his journey to eternity. He will not be forgotten. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

Mario Cano says:

There is a sadness in District 6C as I reached to them and informed them. I wish that you are in peace and that you are with love ones. You are missed.

Anita Delagarza says:

It was a pleasure sitting across from Kurt these past few years until the Acura Honda split i had so many interesting conversations, laughter, knowledge and good advice from him. God is good all the time, Kurt!

John Burton says:

My friend Kurt, you will be missed everyday. Not a time will pass, where I step in my garage and not think of us talking cars & motorcycles. You will be missed… 🙁

Sergio Suarez says:

You were an awesome friend and I will cherish my memories of you always. Whether it was margaritas, motorcycles or mentorship, you were a fountain of knowledge and enthusiasm. You will be missed greatly. Rest easy, Kurt.

Racquel Amorozo says:

To the family, my deepest condolences. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Please know in your heart that Kurt was loved.

I will treasure the memories and time we spent during our Acura Parts and Service Meetings.
Looking back, we make it point that Kurt, JB and I will hangout even if it just for a few minutes just to catch up.
Our inside joke “Burt is out” then he’ll say “not yet”, it’s early! I will miss you! Rest in peace my dear brother and friend.

Aaron Schroeder says:

You are missed by all who knew you. I always enjoyed our time together and your sense of humor. Always in my thoughts my friend.

Mark Blice says:

I honestly can’t believe that I’m on this page typing a condolence. I’m in shock as so many of us are right now. Kurt, touched many and he impacted my life in many ways. I’m grateful I had the opportunity to get to know him, share challenges, successes, laugh, drink and learn from each other as we followed our own unique journey’s. I will always think of him while watching Mecum or Barret-Jackson and will miss texting our opinions of the cars being sold. My heart and thoughts are with Claudia and Kurt’s brother during this difficult time. My life is better because I knew Kurt and I will always remember his passion for perfection, his challenging spirit, his love of motorcycles, Acura, Honda, family and friends. I hope he finds peace with his Mom and Dad. RIP my friend.

Rand says:

Kurt I just heard the sad news…. We haven’t talked for many years but I think about you, the crew and all the crazy fun times we shared. I have a thousand memories of our time together and every single one makes me laugh and smile! So thank you for the lifetime of great memories, I will forever remember you with a big smile. Until we ride again my bro!

Jeff Queen says:

Kurt, my heart is so broken. Our friendship over the last 20 years will be cherished forever. I am where I am today in my career because of you. Our similar upbringing, hobbies, and work ethic created an everlasting bond. You were truly a brother. I pray that you are at peace. You will be missed by many. My condolences to his family and all that knew him. FRB

Dale Meeks says:

From zone meetings at the range(Will says that your bullet hole is still in the table), to many bar stool talks, car talk and corporate meetings…you’ve been the the guy that always spoke up when others didn’t. The countless weekend conversations were always good and will never be replaced. You’ll be forever missed and never forgotten. Deepest condolences to Claudia and your brother.

Jerry O’Sullivan says:

To Kurt’s family, friends, and Claudia, my deepest condolences and prayers that your pain and grief will subside,

To my friend Kurt, i am heartbroken and cannot believe i find myself on this page. I pray that you found the peace you so deserved. I was lucky to have you as a co-worker, brilliant resource, and team member during my time with Acura. You always had the answer i needed or at least the time and desire to listen. I was blessed to be able to call you my friend and brother. You’ll be in my prayers. You’ll always be in my heart as you bring a smile to me when you come to mind. Rest easy KP. You left here too soon but will never be too far from my thoughts. What I wouldn’t do for one more “how bout cha”. Good bye for my friend.

Carol Devine says:

I was the Adnin. Assistant for Windsor Locks, CT. Kurt came to us from the Georgia Zone. He was such a young rep that he’d call me his CT Mom! We sure had lots of great talks about his job and his future along with his hopes and dreams. In turn I was able to share some personal things I was going through. My life is enriched from the friendship I had with Kurt. I so wish that when I retired that I didn’t let time slip by with little contact. Kurt may you find peace in our Lords house. My memories of you will be forever etched in my heart and mind. I hold you up in prayer and may peace be with you.

Will and Ederlin Owensby says:

To Claudia and Kurt’s surviving family, please accept our sincere condolences. Ederlin and I are so sorry for your loss.
Kurt was my friend and I loved him like a younger brother. We worked together for much to short a time and I remember those times as if they were yesterday. We worked hard and played hard and Kurt’s laughter was contagious and he often made me laugh out loud, sometimes when I was attempting to be stern. Kurt and I shared many interests and sometimes spoke on the phone for a long time talking about cars, guns, politics and the women we loved. Kurt was a fit, young man whose personality and spirit sometimes seemed larger than life itself. I am so sad he is gone and even more so that he passed on alone. I would have done anything to help him see a reason to stay but I didn’t know of his pain and anguish. I regret that he didn’t reach out to me or to someone who could help him. Farewell my good friend, Kurt. My you find your happiness in the afterlife you entered much to early. I will miss you.

Ed Pouster says:

You were a loved member of the Acura/ Honda family. You were blessed with many talents and a trusted friend to many. I wish you blessing and peace and our prayers are with you.

Charlie Golding says:

Kurt, It was a pleasure working with you and sharing our passion for cars and motorcycles. I will miss you very much! Rest in peace my friend.

Allen Linsley says:

Kurt, I remember the many times we talked when you were visiting the dealership I worked at in Utah. You gave me some guidance on furthering my career to become a rep. It was a joy to see you occasionally in the Irving zone office. I wish you peace and I send condolences to your family and all those who knew you. Thank you for all you have done for me.

Jim Hatfield says:

It is sad that your not with us. Both Kelhe and I are in shock over the loss of you. Both of us were with you at the Marriott in Lone Tree CO the night you and Claudia met each other. To the many business planning meetings and to the many nights just guy talking. You will be missed.

Frank Martorano says:

To my other brother from another mother may you forever rest in peace. The laughs, the recent dinners and the calls or texts at all hours of the night will be greatly missed, however a memory that will never leave my mind.May your hobbies live on forever.
Condolences to Claudia and your brother

Blake Price says:

I am so sad to hear of Kurt’s passing. My deepest sympathy and condolences. You are in our prayers.

Justin Rider says:

Like all the others who knew Kurt, it crushed me when I heard the news. Kurt was just a genuinely good guy. I’m blessed to have had Kurt as a friend. John Garcia put it best when he emphasized that WE had so many good times together. Even as I write this condolence, I laugh inside when I think about all the good times we shared. I remember the time Joel stuck packing tape to Kurt’s hair when we were moving friends to a new house. Kurt looked at me in disbelief right after it happened, as if time had slowed down and his brain was trying to process if it had really happened. “Angry” doesn’t begin to capture how mad Kurt was as he slowly and methodically pulled the adhesive from his hair, but I think he may have laughed about it several years later. I also recall countless other good times we had, like the time Kurt slammed Joel into Abe Dog’s drywall and destroyed it after Joel beat him at foosball and yelled “now go home and get your freakin’ shinebox” (only he didn’t say “freakin’”). Okay, one more…the time when Kurt suddenly realized that he had to give the best man’s speech at Blaze’s fairytale wedding and didn’t have anything prepared. As I recall all the good times we had, I can’t help but notice a theme…the more one of us was insulted or embarrassed, the funnier it was for everybody else! Anyway, I hope Kurt is laughing again in heaven. I hope he has found peace. I hope he’s reunited with his parents and his other loved ones who have passed before him. My thoughts and prayers are with all those who knew Kurt and are suffering right now.

Bobby Carroll says:

Kurt I am going to miss you brotha! When we run across people in our lives that you love and respect they always hold a special place in our hearts, you are one of those people. I am going to miss our group texts, office time talking business, great lunches, a good drink, and most of all our Jeremiah Johnson jokes! You will be loved and missed OLE PERKY

Mark Akers says:

The last words Kurt and I had were I told him I loved him like a brother. He said me too. I do wish I had told him how proud I was of him. May he Rest In Peace and the memories of Kurt be ones of laughter and friendship. KP may you find Peace….

Rick Hale says:

Kurt,you and that big smile are missed by all who knew you. We all enjoyed your compassion and zest for life. Always in our thoughts and prayer.

Suzi Henry says:

Like all the others who have written on this page before me, I am so sad to have heard about your passing. Some of my favorite memories include Kurt. My sincerest condolences to his family who must be heartbroken. Kurts last words to me late last year were ‘I’m sure our paths will cross again: )’ and I was hopeful that would be true. I’m sorry your pain was too great and hope that you are released. : (

Cory Romonosky says:

To my friend Kurt,
In my 19 years at AHM there was no one who made me laugh more. Whether it was collapsing a table in front of executive management, accidentally kicking the windshield out of a rental van or unintentionally shooting a hole in a range table, you always had, or were in the process of making, a great story. I’m so sorry that your story was cut short but I’m so thankful for the memories. You will be truly missed.

To Claudia and Kurt’s family. I and everyone who knew Kurt professionally or called him a friend share in your grief. My prayers are with you.

Teena Bohi says:

My condolences to Claudia and Kurt’s family. He will truly be missed by all who knew him.

Kurt was genuinely interested in, and cared for, people. He had a way of making you fell like you really mattered even When having the most mundane conversations. I always appreciated that about him.

I pray that he is at peace and that his loved ones find comfort in their many happy memories of him.

Theresa Haven says:

I am very sad and sorry to hear of the tragic loss of Kurt.

As I write to Claudia and Kurt’s family with my condolences, my head is filled with images of Kurt and the joy he brought to all of us who were lucky enough to know and work with him. He was a truly special person and I am deeply sorry for your loss.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and all your family.

David Pfluecke says:

Lori and I ran into Kurt and Claudia at a restaurant in Frisco, TX during Christmas. We had not seen each other or spoken in four years after working together in the Irving Acura office. We had great times traveling the southwest. We had a good chat that night and I wished we had noticed he was in pain. We exchanged cards and I promised him I’d look for openings with my company. He said great and let’s do this again. We never did and I wish we had. Might have helped. Gone too soon. Our condolences to Claudia, Kurts brother and his family.

James Christensen says:

To Kurt’s family, and Claudia, you have my deepest condolences and prayers for peace and comfort.
Kurt and I met in Motorcycle almost twenty years ago and I will fondly reflect back on many wonderful memories. Your positive energy and unreserved personality will always live in my memory. Thanks for everything you did and said. Rest peacefully my friend.

Lori Pfluecke says:

Hubby knew you better than me but that Christmas Eve at our house, I felt like I knew you so much longer. Your insight to people, studying them with no words, yet seemingly knowing them forever truly amazed me. I will remember our talk that evening like it was yesterday. We were so thrilled to see you and Claudia in January and wish we had gotten together again. I am so sad for Claudia but know that this was the peace within you that you needed to finally be at rest.

Mark Simpson says:

Kurt you touched so many of us. My thoughts are with you and your family.

James Hatfield says:

I was with Kurt the night you to met at the Marriott Park Meadow. We were having a great time that night you kept checking on us and the rest was history for you and Kurt.
Kurt could always make a person laugh and Kurt and I had many nights of that after work.
Both myself and Kelhe are sadden for your loss.

Joseph (Turk) McFadden says:

Kurt and I met at the Honda North East Zone office shortly(?) after he cam on board. He was assistant to the process improvement manager who was with Honda for ages. Kurt was great to work with, easy to get along with a great sport and fun, sincere human being. This loss is a hard one and I hope Kurt is at peace. our deepest condolences..

Joey Toole says:

Kurt, I am so sorry that I wasn’t there for you. My heart is broken and will never be the same. I love you and will always think of you as my brother. I will always remember you and pray for you every night. God bless you!

Jamey Brooks says:

Kurt, you are one of the nicest most personable people I have ever met. Rest in peace my friend. You were loved by all.

Michael Schmidt says:

Although Kurt’s time at FCA was relatively short, he impressed us with his knowledge, business acumen, positive attitude, and friendliness. I was so bummed the day he told me he was leaving FCA to get back to TX, but understood his decision. The FCA family will keep your family in our thoughts and prayers!

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