Winters, Barbara Elizabeth


Barbara Elizabeth Winters was born in Newton Kansas, on the 26th of January in the year of 1922. She Graduated from the Heston College Bible School in 1940. Always first to tackle the biggest challenges in life, Barbara enlisted in the service of her country during the dire circumstances of WWII. She served honorably and diligently from 1943 to1945, winning both the Woman’s Army Corps Service Medal, and the Good Conduct Medal.

In keeping with her lifelong dedication to her country Barbara continued her life journey in the US Civil Service, contributing her time and effort in both foreign and domestic assignments.

A complex, and highly intelligent person, Barbara was a lifelong student of literature, art, history, and was an absolute master of the English language. Her independent thinking, and fierce self reliance were two of the more notable characteristics of her multifaceted personality.

Barbara’s utter devotion and unshakable love for her husband Robert E. Winters was plainly obvious in the manner in which she conducted her life.  As a wife, she supported Bob in each and every phase of his life and career, no matter how meager the accommodations, or the difficulty of the path, she stood at his side as they traveled the entire world together in search of knowledge or pursuit of career.

She will be sorely missed by all of the people she touched with the radiant light from her shining spirit.

Barbara message to all who stand present, on this ground, on this day, is this:

It is life – a condition that is painful – not death! Death is not destruction of essence. It is merely the eddy line of change among forms, the transmitter that puts to sleep the worn-out, old, useless, bodies, so that they may be transformed into young, active, happier other forms, and so it is not that terrible monster that is seen gloating over the destruction of loved ones, but is truly the twin sister of life that supplies the perfect anesthetic to pain, given by life, as a stimulant to the form to move on as long as its organization will permit useful effort.

Death is the door to another life, not the selfish life of outdated dogma, for individual wealth and glorification in the skies, but to the lives of others, that could only come into existence, or be fuller and happier by sacrifice of those gone before.

Now, may good will, peace and good works abide among you. Mourn not for me. Only those unknowing souls mourn disconsolately, for belief in the tragedy of death lacks knowledge, and this is the cause of much undue sorrow.

Return to your pursuits as joyfully as though you had planted a seed that will perennially, spring up in beautiful trees and flowers, and loving birds, and you will be happy!

If you must call Nature God, then I am a daughter of God, and you are all my brothers and sisters, and you must, also, be sons and daughters of God. In this sense He is our elder brother.

Then, all should live as brothers and sisters, and not as hating enemies. To bless each other as brothers and sisters is, then to be blessed of God. In no other way can this blessing be had.


One condolence on “Winters, Barbara Elizabeth”

Brandi Aston Keezel says:

I don’t know if this will be seen because of the delay 6/13/2020. My husband and I have just purchased a 1972 home in Richardson. We bought the home from an investor and all history was marked “unknown”. Through research I’ve discovered that until recently, the home had an original owner, Barbara Winters, previously with her husband Robert. I read the story of Barbara’s life and the message she left for others and I feel honored to occupy and care for the home she kept so well for so many years. Our 8 year is loving swimming in the beautiful pool every day and he says he feels “rich” living in this “big” house. I believe a home becomes a part of the family and holds the stories of years past. I’m thankful to have a “glimpse” of the previous owner and to know we are living in the home of such special people. I don’t know if there are friends or family members who will see this message, but I hope they do and we welcome any outreach.

Holman, Brandi & Chance Keezel
Yale Park, Richardson

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