Penrod, Kenneth Martin


Kenneth Martin Penrod of Combine, Texas, passed away on Tuesday, May 20, 2014. He was 55 years old.

Please send family condolences and sign the guestbook on this website.

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Carrie Ellis says:

This is PE Jones’ daughter, Carrie Ellis. I have not been in Texas to visit Ken and family but I have been kept up to date in Georgia. My heart aches to hear he is gone. It hits home because of the love of my own dad too (I can’t even imagine what it has been like). I know Ken is in a much happier and pain free place but that does not make us less sad not to have him here! I know he had so many friends and family that loved him but also know he has us as far as Georgia that loved and cared for him. RIP Ken. Ken’s family…I am so so so sorry! We will see him again someday. Love Carrie

Detective (Retired) Roy Hodgens, Dallas Police Department says:

A man most respected not only for his professionalism and ability, but an example of what a Christian man can be and do proved by the long fought battle against a dreaded disease. Ken will be so missed, but lives on in the training and examples used all over the country.

I pray Ken’s family and friends can find peace and comfort during this time of sadness and sorrow in the blessings of our Lord.

Ron Waldrop says:

Please accept my deepest sympathy for your loss. Ken was an exceptional person who I respected and admired. He had a passion for knowledge, an exceptional ability to use it, and a desire to pass it on to others. A perfectionist in every sense of the word, it was an honor to work and be around him. He will be missed by all that knew him.

Jim Almy says:

A hell of a great cop and an even better man gone way too soon. Rest in Peace, Ken.

Gene Hale/Grace Madore says:

Laura and family, our hearts hurt for your loss. I pray for peace for you. Ken has heard those words we all long to hear from our Father: “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

Buck Buchanan says:

Going to miss him My God bless you Lara

Laura Mae Pasley says:

There are so many things I would love to say about you; say to your beautiful wife Laura, but my heart is overwhelmed with sadness. I wish I could put into words how much you, Laura and so many others in my family of choice, DPD family that is, changed my life. You were always so generous with your smiles and kindness, I don`t believe I ever saw you or Laura w/o a smile. Thank for being one of the good guys. Since there are no bad guys in heaven, you can rest. I am glad I knew you; you made a difference in my life.

Doyle Furr says:

Even though it was a short time compared to his many friends…I am blessed for the time I have known Ken….

Tom & Mindy Popken says:

May God Bless Ken and the whole family! You are all in our thoughts and prayers! What a man, he left us to early but he left an incredible legacy on earth. The fight for Ken and Laura the last few years inspired all of us! Now we all have another angel in heaven!

David Clark says:

Ken was one of the best people i ever worked around. He will me missed. Praying for your family.

Ed Pollard says:

So sad to see you go but glad to see you no longer suffering. You were fun to work with. May GOD’s comfort remain with your family and friends as we remember our past experiences with you.

Rick Kirk says:

Laura, I am so sorry that you lost Ken. I know he is with our LORD in heaven, no more suffering, no more pain. Ken was an inspiration to us all. Just knowing Ken has made me a better man and husband. GOD bless you and your family

Chaplain Al Taylor says:

On behalf of the Chaplains of the Dallas Police Department I extend my deepest condolences to the family of Retired Detective Kenneth Penrod for your loss. May the peace and comfort of God surround you during your time of sorrow. And may He bring healing to your hearts with each passing day. Blessings to all of you.
Chaplain Al Taylor
Dallas Police Department

Jerry and Linda Rhodes says:

Laura…You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. Thank you for showing all of us the true meaning and depth of love between a husband and wife. Ken is a true gentleman and your are a true woman. May God Bless…….





Robert J. Belzung & Nelda says:

Saying prayers for your family.

Elaine Fairbanks says:

Laura & Family: Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers at this difficult time. I’m so very, very sorry. Thinking of you.

D.Kerry says:

So sorry to hear of Ken’s passing , I loved working with him, he was always a joy to work with, may God be with his family , friends and Police family during this difficult time..

Sherri Robertson Skiles says:

Praying for your entire family during this time. May God give you a special comfort and peace. I was a very good friend of Katherine’s growing up and saw “Martin” when I would spend time at their home. He was a kind young man to his little sister and her friend and from what I have read became quite a special man. I wouldn’t have expected any less. Please accept my condolences.

D'Angelo Franklin says:

My daughter and I would like to tell you how deeply sorry we are for your loss. Our hearts go out to you and the rest of your family. May God comfort you during this extremely difficult time.

Tiara Burns says:

Sorry to hear about det. Ken. He was great. I watch first 48 faithfully but I was unaware of his passing until tonight’s episode. May God bless his family and the Dallas pd and be with them at this difficult time.

Susie Vasquez says:

With my deepest sympathy. I am so sorry to hear about the passing of Detective Ken Penrod. I feel like I knew him somewhat by watching him on the show First 48. I’ll keep your family in my prayers. Ken Penrod was a good man.

Cybil Lynch says:

I was so saddened tonite to hear about Detective Penrod. I am thinking about his family in this trying time. I am a fan of the show and never met him, but wished I had. My sincere condolences. Also my thoughts are with his DPD unit and friends.

William Stevenson says:

I am very sorry to hear Detective Penrod has passed away. Although I didn’t know him personally I was intrigued with his work on the first 48. May God bless you all in these trying time.

Lori Mahoney says:

To The Penrod Family and Dallas PD:My Deepest Sympathy to The Family and Dallas Police i was watching tonights episode 6/26/14 It was a complete shock to see that the episode was in Memoriam To Det.Ken Penrod My heart is sadden to hear this and i loved watching him and his way of getting the truth on the table..God Bless Him he bought closer with the rest of his brothers at the DPD for may sadden families.. God Speed To His Family and All His Brothers At The Dallas PD..His sprit will remain with all who knew and loved him… You All Will Forever Be In My Thoughts and Prayers..Lori Mahoney Bx,New York

Pamela Medaglia says:

I recongized his name at the end of the show on t the first 48 and what a shock. My prayers are with the family.

Priscilla says:

Was sorry to hear about Detective Penrod. I loved watching him on TV. He will be truly missed. May God be with him.

Priscilla Thomas says:

Sorry to hear about his passing. Detective Penrod will be truly missed. I watched him on First 48. May God be with him on his passage to happiness.

LadieKaye says:

I was shocked and saddened to hear about the loss od Det. Ken Penrod, when show ended last night and dedicated it to his memory I was blown away, he was one of the ones I loved to watch, it felt like I knew him personally. May God give the family and the Dallas Police Dept. family comfort in knowing he is no longer suffering. My condolences.?

Jennifer B says:

My condolences to the family, friends, and community of Dallas. An upright detective who served his community well. He will be missed!

Barbara says:

I was stunned to learn of Ken’s death. My prayers go out to his family and his friends and the Dallas PD

Danita says:

I am a loyal fan of The First 48 & was saddened to hear that Detective Ken Penrod had passed. My prayers & condolences go out to the Penrod family.

Sciara Childress says:

I have always been a fan of the show. Great detective. My prayers go to the family and he will be missed.

George Nambo says:

My deepest condolences to Mr Perods family. RIP Det Ken Penrod…Godspeed brother, may u live in harmony & pain free in Gods realm I loved your work, you’re a super cop in my book, you’ll be truly missed.

Aaron Roberts says:

My family and I were very saddened to hear Det. Penrod had passed. He was a good man and we enjoyed watching him on the show. To his family and friends you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Jennifer G. says:


Jennifer G. says:

My prayers go out to the Penrod Family n Close Friend hope for piece n confort n Ken u will be miss …RIP

Michael G. says:

As I was about to delete this week’s episode I saw this week’s episode of First 48 was in Detective Penrod’s memory. I’ve watched the show for years and of all the detectives the show has featured he was my favorite because not only was he a good detective he really seemed to be a good person. My most sincere condolences to his family, friends and fellow detectives.

Gil Cureau says:

I simply echo what others have said here. As a fan of the 1st 48 since the 1st episode, I was shocked and saddened to learn of Det. Penrod’s death Thursday night. My condolences to Mrs./Det Laura Penrod and family, the Dallas PD and the 1st 48 family. A truly remarkable cop and human being.

Jennifer smith says:

I am so sad to hear about the loss of Mr. Penrod. I have been a huge fan of the show since the very first season of the first 48. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and the Dallas police department.

Dana Daniels says:

So sorry to learn of your loss.

Frances Ward says:

Watching my favorite show The First 48hrs and saw at the end he passed away. He was one of my favorite detective and will be greatly missed. My condolences to his family and co-workers. RIP

David Perry says:

Truly a remarkable man that loved his job dearly, i will miss seeing him on the first 48 my condolence to his family and friends.

Nancy Marquez says:

I am sorry sorry to hear of his death. I loved seeing him on 48 hrs he was such a wonderful officer. I just want to say he is no longer suffering and he will never be forgotten.My heartfelt condolence to all his family RIP Ken

Michelle Ervin says:

I want say my prayers go to the whole Penrod family. I watch First 48 he was always nice to everyone & he really cared about the victims families. So I know that this still hard for his family. I just wanted you to know God is still the blessing business. Weeping may endure for tonight the joy comes in the morning.Keep holding on to God’s Hands.


I am saddened to hear of detective Penrods death. I was watching first 48 and saw he passed. .condolences to the Penrod family and the Dallas PD…

Gary Smith says:

Mr. Penrod was only known to me by his appearance in the television show. To his his family, my condolences on your lost. As a former deputy sheriff and military policeman, his professionalism and dedication to duty came through each time an episode aired that he was involved. His knowledge, I’m sure, was greatly missed upon his retirement. His words of wisdom, for future generations, will leave a hole that can never be filled.

Ally Skraba says:

I was caught off guard to hear of the death of Detective Ken Penrod. My prayers to to out to his family and friends. I watched A&E and had a great respect for Detective Penrod. I loved the way he respected every human being. He is an angel in heaven now. I feel safer that he is looking down on us from above. Rest in peace my friend.

kingson says:

You are a legend and will live on in the hearts of family, friends and fans. You’re awesome.

Patricia Green says:

I was really sorry to here of his passing may God bless u all i am just a fan of the show who admired him for his charater as a person.

LaDeene Spiller Lewis says:

To the family of Detective Kenneth Penrod; I am saddened to hear of his passing. I’m a faithful follower of The First 48 also. I too, just found this out on Thursday and the dedication was at the end. Couldn’t believe it. We’ll all miss him solving crimes and be a compassionate investigator. May God keep you in His loving arms. Blessings continuously.

LaDeene Spiller Lewis says:

I am sorry to see that Detective Penrod has passed. I too found out on this last episode. He was one of my favorites. I noticed I haven’t been seeing him lately. My condolences to you and the Dallas Police Department. My love to you all! God continue to bless.

Erica E Bellamy/ North Myrtle Beach, SC says:

Wow emotion I just seen on the last episode the first 48 Mr Ken Penrod passed away my deepest condolences of this man he was a great personto watch on television and he most definitelynd he seemef to be a great father, son husband to his family members. I don’t know you personally but it was a wonderful experience to watch you work thank you sir thank you may you rest in peace and lookout for all those others police officers detectives and any other person in uniform thank you

James Dent says:

To Dective Penrod’s family” I’m so sorry and sad to learn of his passing. I only know of him because of the TV series. I was very saddened to see the note at the end of one of the recent shows. God bless.

S. Crossman says:

I loved him as a detective on The First 48 show. So sad to hear this. May The Lord bless him and keep him. Please, everyone keep him in your prayers.

He was only 55.

Vickie Orndorff Johnson says:

My older sister Lucy babysat Kenny when he lived down the street from us for a very short period of time in Cedar Rapids Iowa. He was so cute in his jeans and cowboy boots and Texas accent. He was probably about 4 at the time. I never forgot him. A few years ago I saw a TV show and immediately knew it was little Kenny all grown up. I wanted to contact him at the time but was hesitant. I was afraid he would think I was a nuisance. I just saw the obituary and was so saddened. I regret that I never told him he made such an impression that years later I still thought of that cute child with the boots and accent.

LuvRofLife pray says:

Detective Ken Penrod spend 35 of his 55 years in law enforcement. He was taken too early. So sad by his passing. Such a young man. My condolences to his family and precinct for their loss. The good always die young..don’t they?…


I am in Australia and watch a lot of first 48 I am saddened by the death of Mr Ken Penrod may he rest in peace


There was something about him, I never really analyzed what it was but for some reason he was my favorite on the show. Seemed like a genuinely nice man. Served his community and country with honor. Very sorry to see that he passed. My condolences to his family.

Maryam A. Al Fayed says:

Thank you Dear Sir for making us all a part of your family. Thank you.

Dolores Revilla says:

I just found out about his death today and I want to send my condolences to his wife, his children, and the first 48 crew that I have met at El Taquito restaurant. My prayers are with you all.

Vivian Scranton says:

My Condolences to the Penrod family and the first 48 family. He was one of my favorites and appeared to be fair, honest and had integrity. Much love and blessings.

tony stek says:

sorry to here about his passing. i watch the show the first 48 all the time he was the funny guy and got the job done ; rip

Stacy Phillips says:

I am so sad to hear that Ken has left us. I never meet the man but feel that I still know him just from watching him on TV. What a great person him was. RIP–The Penrod Touch!!!! Stacy Phillips Conroe Texas

Donna Woller says:

My thoughts and prayers are with Det. Ken Penrod’s family, colleagues and friends. I just watched The First 48 Hrs and at the end it said ” In Memory of Det. Ken Penrod” I was totally shocked to hear this. He was a great Detective and I know he will be truly missed by all. His life was cut too short but we know he made a difference in life. May the good lord be with ya’ll.

Kelly in Boston says:

I hope he knew he was a hero — a true, life hero — to the many viewers of First 48. Obviously I never met him, but I sure did admire him. God bless you Detective Penrod.

Richardson Jacques says:

I want to send my condolences to Ken’s family… my sister died of Cancer, and it’s a harsh battle… RIP… He, Ken, seemed genuine and sincere. Sorry about your lost and will pray for the family… I am certain God canand will grant you PEACE…

Temeshia Barnette says:

Send my condolences…I am a very big fan of him an the show..i didnt know he had passed i am so sorry for your loss

Karen Grant says:

So sorry for your loss … I, like so many got to “know” him on The First 48 … he was my favourite detective , his kind gestures and winning personality will always be remembered .. RIP

Sherry says:

RIP Detective!!! U seemed to be a well respected man!!!! Prayers to your family!!!

Rod StClair says:

May he RIP. It pains me to see people put in a long career in
law enforcement and then pass before their time. 30 years in law enforcement is like 40-50 years in most civilian careers. Thank You for devoting your life to helping others and bringing some degree of closure to those affected by the senseless violence of murder.

debra lockhart says:

Didn’t know to much about Ken Penrod except what i saw on television series of First 48 and he was a very caring and understanding man.I offer my deepest sympathy and heartfelt condolences to the Penrod Family. He is at peace now and will surely be missed by the ones that he touched in life.

Juan Rivera-Colon says:

We take it from here brother. RIP!

Annette Grate says:

I Watched him on First 48 and it was like I’ve known him a long time Sorry for your loss Prayers and Condolences to his family,

krista rose says:

I am so sorry!! Cancer kills the best people. What an amazing man. Prayers for his family. Thank you Sir for all you did for your community.

felicita says:

My condolences to the Penrod family, just found out after watching the first 48.Taken way too soon,so young and full of life. May he rest in peace.

Kim Bailey says:

Dear Penrod Family:
As I was preparing to watch “The First 48” tonight. I saw the in memory of Detective Penrod at the end of the previous aired episode. I of course had to look up and see what happened to one of my favorite detectives. I am saddened and sorry for your loss. I share you sorrow as my 36 year old bother died of the same type and stage of brain cancer in 2007. Cancer is a nasty, horrible disease that leaves the survivors lost, with huge holes in our hearts, minds and souls. Just know there were angels in heaven to greet him. He is out of pain and free from cancer. Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. My best, KCB (Clearwater, Florida)

Chris Harnden says:

I just wanted to express my condolences too the family of Det. Penrod. I’m a huge fan of The First 48 and come to know of him through the show. Myself I am fighting cancer atm so I truly know what he went through… God Bless

Joyce Conway says:

To the Penrod Family I was so so very sorry when I saw In Memory of Ken Penrod on The First 48 !!! I’m Praying for You His Family….Amen

artiece says:

MY prayer go out 2 u…I’ve been watching Mr.Pernod 4 yrs on the first 48 for yrs and saddened 2 hear OF his passing …may GOD be with u again MY CONDOLENCES.

Trish Richmond says:

So sorry I’m up at 1am watching first 48 and saw it

Tammy Wisdom says:

I am truly sorry to hear of Detective Penrods passing it’s just sad that such a truly good man life has been cut short. I hope his family knows just what a impression he has left on this world a honest and just man.

Darnell N. says:

Haven’t watched the first 48 in awhile. Then I seen the closing condolence on one of the shows. I knew exactly who he was. Great detective always got it done. R. I. P.

Laura Reddick/Jackson,MS says:

I am so sadden to hear about the loss of Det. Ken Penrod. I just found out last night at the end of the show when they show “in memory of Det. Ken Penrod” that he has passed away. I will truly miss him. He is/was my favorite Det. on the 1st 48hrs. I’ve always wanted to meet him along with other Dets. on the cast as well. My heart goes out to Det. Ken Penrod family. My God keep you in his comfort and pull you thru. R.I.H.(Rest In Heaven)Ken!

paula fahlstrom says:

My prayers go out to the family and his brothers in blue. He was a truly good man by what I saw on the frist 48. Rest in peace

Pastor Darryl Jones says:

I also got news of Ken’s passing from watching 48 hours. A tender heart he had. You can’t ask more of one who answered the call to protect and serve.

In today’s climate what a wonderful example of policing he left behind

Carrie Yasukawa says:

Like other’s i just on the series he passed, I just lost my husband in Sept and I am 52 yrs old, I know your sadness your going thru. I love this show and with him, it was a bonus. He was a true good man and went too young. Carrie Y. San Jose. CA

Earle says:

RIP, my brother in blue, u made a difference!

Karen Spargur says:

I, like many others, also saw the memorial at the end of the latest 48 Hours. I was shocked. He always looked so healthy. I am going through cancer now and I am so sorry for his family. He was always such a gentleman and a great detective. My condolences to his loved ones.

Sergeant (retired) Barry Guest. Toronto Police Service says:

My sincerest condolences to the Penrod family at the passing of Ken. He was truly respected by his peers and will be deeply missed. A talent that will never be replaced. God rest his soul.

Ray Fleming says:

I was sad to see that Mr. Penrod had passed away,To watch the First 48 since the first shows , you come to know the Det.and see the emotions,
They have to get job done, Is awsome!!! Thanks For Your Service

maryann smith says:

I just found out Retired Det Ken Penrod passed away last year. I’ve watched The First 48 hours since the beginning! I loved watching Det Penrod on the job. He was laid back but always professional. To the family: Please accept my sincere condolences. May his soul rest in peace until our Savior returns.

DeBorah Pettus says:

I just found out after watching an episode of 48 Hours. My condolences to his wife Laura and family. RIP protector of the public. You gave so much of yourself. God Bless!

Anna says:

My heart goes out to our family especially Mrs. Penrod. I lost m husband of 43 years 9/20/12 and I know what she is going through.Children and grandchildren will help. He was awesome on The First 48. I will tape these episodes to watch every so often.

Osvaldo gonzalez says:

I’ve seing the first 48 since the first episode i just loved it and ken penrod was one of the best. My most sincere condolences to the family of mr ken penrod

Cheryl Perkins says:

Just found out recently that Det Penrod passed away last year. I’m a huge fan of the first 48 and of Det Penrod. My condolences go out to his family and loved ones.

Cyndi Sparks says:

Just saw where Det. Ken Penrod passed away last year. I am so sorry and my condolences go out to his family. Det. Penrod was one of my favorites on the show. I have watched “The First 48” from day one. I worked retail and sometimes would not get home in time, so now I am retired, and tape everyone of them. Det. Penrod, you are and always will be missed.

Fran Steadman says:

I was so saddened to see the mention of Detective Penrod’s passing at the end of the episode of The First 48. He seemed like such a dedicated professional at work and I am sure he was a blessing to all who knew him. Please accept my sincere condolences.

john bedworth says:

RIP DETECTIVE PENROD you’re one of the best thinking of your family x

Mrs Patricia Aitchison says:

As an avid fan of “the first 48” I would like to convey my heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Det Penrod. He came over as a genuinely nice man.

Peter Coe says:

I have only today learned of the tragic death of Ken Penrod I live in England just outside South London. I am a retired Solicitor ( Attorney ) I am an avid follower of The First 48 and was always especially interested in any episode featuring Det. Penrod. He came across as a caring dedicated truly decent person. I was always impressed with his ability to combine total professionalism with a deep sense of humanity. He looked like a true English gentleman – praise indeed.
I will miss seeing him and I send my heartfelt condolences to all his family.
Peter Coe

Erin Newkirk says:

I’m still so shocked that Ken is gone. I just finished watching the episode. At the end it says in memory of Det Penrod. I still would like to send my condolences to his family.

Terri Weatherford says:

My condolences. I just saw the notice on an episode. I always felt like he genuinely cared for the people he dealt with. I pray God’s loving care on the family and friends.

Kelly jackson says:

Sending my condolences to the Penrod family and Dallas police department.. I just found out about det. Penrod today after watching an episode of the first 48.. I’ve always enjoyed watching Penrod.

Michele S. Chalmers says:

I just saw the Memorial notice for Detective Penrod. Although time has passed, precious memories will always remain. A man of integrity. To the Family, the Department, and others, my condolences and prayers to all.

Catherine sullivan says:

Condolences to the family and friends of detective Penrod.
Am always saddened to hear of lives cut short but especially in this case where detective Penrod devoted his life to helping others. The pain of loss may never go away but please take comfort that detective Penrod helped many, many people in his lifetime.

Linda Turner says:

I could not believe it when I saw Detective Penrod had passed away. My thoughts and prayers are with the family

Michael F Walsh (Ont Canada) says:

Det. Kenneth Penrod, will be sadly missed. He was an excellent, Detective, for Dallas, area, on The First 28. May God speed, Kenneth:

Constance Reynolds says:

He was THE BEST !!! I can’t believe he’s gone.

Constance Z Reynolds says:

You were the BEST

Linda Barrie-Thompson says:

Condolences to the family and friends of detective Ken Penrod.

Deborah Aldridge says:

I have watched The First 48 and Detective Ken Penrod was a true professional Police Officer. You have left this earth for a much better place. Still in our hearts and thoughts, gone but never forgotten. My husband was Sgt. in Saginaw, Tx. He too is gone but will never be forgotten.

Mayra Braselton says:

A couple weeks ago I found out about Detective Penrods passing. Seriously broke my heart. He was truly amazing. I’m so sorry for your loss. I currently live in California. connection to Texas in any way. Still hurts to know of your loss. …regardless. prayers to you and your family.

Garrett says:

The more people we have on this earth like Det. P. The better off we would all be. Only so many of us can aspire to become such outstanding souls that it hurts deep down inside my heart that one of the best had to be called home WAY before his time. RIP Detective Penrod,I guess the Creator is your xo now.

Kathy Janet Spicer says:

Det.Penrod was an amazing human being first. His composure and professionalism was wondering to see when he was featured in his cases profiled on The First 48. Although I am in Canada and quite a few years have passed since his death, I want to send my deepest condolences to Det. Laura and his entire family. This man was certainly someone who will always remembered and admired.

Florence says:

First 48 is always on on the crime channel in our house and we are Londoners. Ken was a great detective who added so much value and we have only just heard 😥 May God bless Ken’s family and grant them peace and strength always. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all – family, friends and colleagues.

Mary from scotland says:

Loved ken on first 48 lovely man not the same without him deepest condolences to all of the family rip ken xxx

Bivens says:

We were next door neighbors to Mr. Ken on Caplin Street in Arlington may years ago. We were very surprised to see him on our favorite show, The First 48. More surprised to learn of his passing. Much love and many prayers to his family.

Bivens says:

Mr. Ken was our neighbor on Caplin Street in Arlington many years ago. We watch The First 48 and were surprised to see him on the show. Very saddened to just learn of his passing. Much love and prayers to his family!

Lynn says:

It is so sad to sit here now and watch reruns of 48 hours and see Ken.He was one of my favorite “Detectives”. Very smart and good at what he did.I havd tears in my eyes and really miss him.I’m 66 years old,and have watched since it aired.God Bless You Ken
You will never be forgotten.

Rocky Ryan says:

This Man was a Fine person.
Tops in what he did’ He was a natural’ and really liked People’..
Police Officers Have Lost Out.
Bless Your Family

gloria djoy says:

just want to leavebmy condolences to his family and friends… enjoyed watching him on the first 48…thank you for your service sir…may you rest with our God…

Laurie B Hudgins says:

Was very sad to learn of the news of the passing of detective Ken Penrod and I learned it by watching an episode that was dedicated to him and I know he was loved and he will surely be missed and my condolences to his family.😢

Laurie B Hudgins says:

Sad to hear this news. He will truly be missed, but, not forgotten! 😢😢

Rebecca Snagg says:

I am from the St. Vincent in the Caribbean. First 48 is my favourite program. There are some detectives I enjoy watching and Det. Ken Penrod is one of them. He was so cool in performing his task.
I just watched a program and it indicated it was in memory of him. I was shocked. RIP Penrod.

Richard Carroll says:

Rest in peace ship we have the watch now. Fair winds and following seas. Semper Peratus (Always Ready).

Lisa Carter says:

My deepest condolences to your family…haven’t seen the first 48 in years and of all nights, i decided to watch it and just discovered that Detective Penrod (MR. MIRACLE) is what we call him, is no longer with us, so so sorry for your loss…KEEP THE FAITH…BY watching him i can tell that he was a very caring and understanding man…GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY…

Dianna Gamill says:

So sorry to hear of his passing. Ive watched him on the first 48 and he was a favorite he really made a difference. Rest in heaven.

Glenn Rodgerson says:

Rest in peace,
You’ll be sorely missed!
Ken Penrod

Valerie says:

I loved Penrod on The first 48, its only recently been shown here in Ireland. He was such a kind & caring man to everyone he came in contact with both good and bad. May god grant him a bed in heaven. R.I.P xoxo

peggy manuel says:

So sorry for your loss. Loved watching him on the first 48

Debbie Clement McGill says:

I am truly saddened about the loss of Ken. He was an exceptional detective, and I have enjoyed watching him on The First 48 over the years. His compassion for people was exceptional and has helped me to be a better person. God Bless, Ken!

Jill Skoff says:

I am in shock. I watch hours and hours of the First 48 and I feel like these people are my family or friends I just saw on the end of one episode that it was in memory of Mr. Penrod I wanted to send my condolences. A great detective gone way too soon!!

Alfonso says:

Very, very sad to learned detective Penrod passed away. I watched the first 48 all the time here in NYC and I really like his style and the way he showed respect even to the criminals. I only wish we could have detectives like him here in NYC.

Josefina says:

Sorry for your loss

Charlene Hudson says:

Im so sorry for.your loss i just found out at the end of 48 hour show He was a great officer so sorry

Maureen says:

My sincerest sympathy for your Ken and super hero detective
I just learned of his passing while serial watching the first 48 and was shocked to hear this
What a man
What a loss for this earth but mostly for you all
I am so so sorry

Joyce says:

Worked with Ken on patrol at the Southwest station. He was very professional and easy going. What a great investigator he was. Condolences to the family and DPD. A huge void was created with his passing.

Lori Anderson says:

I loved watching him on the First 48. My prayers go out to his family and friends

Fran Parker says:

Im streaming older episodes of The First 48 when I saw that Detective Penrod passed away. Im very sorry for your loss to both his family, friends and Dallas police.

Linda Benedict says:

I just watched an episode of the First 48 and at the end it was dedicated to the memory of Detective Ken Penrod. I see this almost 6yrs after he passed away but I’m sure to family and friends it still seems like yesterday. I didn’t know him personally only through watching the show. I honestly have never met a person, especially a police officer, who showed so much care and compassion to people from all walks of life both good and bad. It seems he truly jad a gift to be able to reach people and get them to dig down and tell him what had really happened and get their side of the story out of them. He showed all of the families of victims so much determination and support. He truly cared for people, all people. I only wish there were more people especially especially officers and detectives in this world. He truly made a good example and mark on this earth. God bless and prayers for all of his family and friends and everyone he touched. Rest In Peace with our Heavenly Father whom you served so well during your time on earth. Thank You so much. 🙏

David Elder says:

Detective Penrod will be missed by my wife and I who enjoyed him on the first 48, He was one of the true Good guys. God bless him and his family thru this time 🙏🙏🙏

Brandee Bridges says:

As a big fan of the show. The show isn’t the same.

Stella says:

So sorry to hear about the loss of Detective Penrod.

Patricia jones says:

Been watching the show for years just heard of his passing so sorry for your loss.

Terry says:

I too as so many before found out tonight after the episode in which it was noted he had passed. I often say my TV is just a 55″ sewer pipe to my living room. But First 48 and a couple other programs are the only reason I still watch TV. Now 55 myself this hits home. May the family find continued peace knowing he still is making an impact on others lives. He was a great detective and a great man.

Carla says:

Shocked & saddened to learn he has passed away so young my sympathy to his family

Kenya Holyfield says:

I’m so sorry for your loss I been watching Mr. Pernod for awhile he was one of the best detective

Tina Mae Broussard says:

Loved Detective Penrod! He was so compassionate when dealing with murderers. RIP Detective Penrod you are greatly missed!

Beth Bell says:

I’m truly sorry for your loss. My Condolences to your family. I’ve watched endless hours of The First 48. He hardly never loss any of his cases. May you rest in peace you will truly be missed. We will never forget you R.I.P my friend. May God Bless and rest your soul

Theresa says:

I’m sorry for the loss of this Great Detective. I’ve watched the show for years but somehow I didn’t see this until Jan episode popped up and they dedicated to him. You will be truly missed Penrod such a great detective

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