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Sang Seok Shin of Plano, Texas, passed away on Tuesday, June 10, 2014. He was 69 years old.

Please send family condolences and sign the guestbook on this website.

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Mike and Noel Henderson says:

Dear June,

Mike and I were so saddened upon hearing that our favorite doctor had passed away. We were out of the country when it happened, but I recognized your office number on my cell, and a friend on Facebook told me about it. He will be so missed by his patients and friends.

Judy Liverman says:

I always knew I would get well quickly if I went to see Dr.Shin. I will miss him !

T. King says:

Me and my daughter will miss Dr. Shin so much. He was always there for us! He always had a joke and a smile. Theresa King and Jessica Twining

Susan says:

Dr. Shin was a lovely man. He always had an upbeat personality and provided great advice. As a doctor I went to for over 15 years, he will be missed. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.

Margaret Martin says:

I was so saddened to receive the letter today about Dr. Shin. He was such a wonderful man. My thoughts and prayers are with you, June, as well as his sons. He will be greatly missed.

Jamie and Larry Baer says:

June and family,
Larry and I were so distressed yesterday when we learned of Dr. Shin’s death. We loved him. He took such good care of us over the years. We will miss his friendly smile, his jokes, and his great bedside manner. I can imagine him in heaven playing a round of his favorite game, golf.
Love and prayers.
Jamie and Larry Baer

Margaret Martin says:

Dr. Shin will be missed by my whole family. He could always make my children laugh even though they were sick by asking them if they had elephants in their ears. I am shocked by his passing.

Margaret Martin says:

I was shocked to hear of Dr. Shin’s passing. He could always make my children laugh by asking them if they had elephants in their ears. What in the world will the neighborhood do without him.

Margaret says:

I was shocked to hear of Dr. Shin’s passing. He will be missed by all 5 members of my family. He could always make the kids laugh, even though they were sick, by asking them if they had elephants in their ears. What will the neighborhood do without Dr. Shin?

Diana says:

My family learned today of the recent, sudden death of Dr. Shin. He has been our doctor and friend since the mid-eighties. His calm, friendly, yet professional demeanor and care has taken us thru many health situations and family crises…he will be greatly missed by us. I hope he is enjoying a nice, leisurely round of golf with God!!! Blessings to wife and family!

Joe Walker says:

June, I just learned about your loss. I feel terrible, I had brought a friend to see him perhaps a week before. He will be missed! Joe W

Robert & Diana Cain says:

We send our deepest sympathy to June and her family & friends for the sudden passing of Dr. Shin. He was a wonderful doctor to us over the years whose humor, kindness & skill will be missed. May he rest in peace.

Suzanne & Ron Toupal says:

Suzanne and I are very saddened upon hearing that our family doctor of 26 years is gone. Dr. Shin was always there for us and our 4 kids. We will all miss you doc!

DWanna Whitener says:

Our family was so sad to hear of the passing of Dr. Shin. He has been our family doctor for over 20 years. Dr. Shin was always there to greet with a smile and one of his many jokes. We will certainly miss him.

Our deepest condolences to your family.

Jimmy and Taressa says:

Dear Dr. Shin,

We received our letter this morning in anticipation of receiving a new announcement from you. We lost a piece of our heart today when we realized what happened…and we will not be able to see you here on earth one last time.

Typically we could run in last minute, rushing, asking if you could fit us in?

No matter what happens in day to day events… We could always count on one thing for sure, and that was you! You have always been there for us. A bruise, bump, shot, immunization, a cough… We could always count on you and Elizabeth to take care of us and you would see us no matter what.. even 1 minute before you close.

Dr. Shin you always knew how to make us feel better and make us forget about whatever ailment brought us in to see you. You gave us comfort when we needed it most. We always entered your offices and expected your happy demeanor and warm welcoming glow.

Can we share with you after 8 years…you have been our Pediatrician, Women’s Health Doctor, Family MD, Counselor, Expert Advisor, Mentor, Confidante, Subject Matter Educator, Friend and moreover everyting else you have been a part of our family.

Our life has been better because of knowing you. You will be so missed.

Love Jimmy & Taressa

Megan and Crandell Family says:

We are deeply sad to hear about Dr. Shin, he was a great Doctor that cared for his patients,he was always welcoming and had a warm smile on his face. Elizabeth and Dr. Shin were always there to help you. We had been going to him for over 17 years, he was definitely the family doctor. He will be greatly missed. I wish the best to June and his family. Thank you Dr. Shin and Elizabeth for all the great care you provided for me and the rest of my family.

Randy Hughes says:

I was shocked and deeply saddened today when I received a letter explaining that Dr. Shin passed away. He was our family doctor for 25 years. As so many have already stated, Dr. Shin was a warm, kind, caring, trusted, man and physician. The world was a better place because he was here…and he will be missed. Truly a life well lived. My condolences to his wife June, Elizabeth, friends, family, and all the patients who’s lives and hearts he touched.
Randy Hughes

S. Pitcher says:

Dr. Shin was a lovely man and a trusted doctor. I had been going to him since 1998. I will miss him greatly.

J Paigh says:

Dr Sang was our doctor for several years. He was very kind, always joking with us to take the calm people down/establish rapport. “Do you need a shot?” And “why are you sick? Who have you been kissing?” Also he took.the time to know us and remembered us from visit to visit. So rare today. Our condolences.

Our Family says:

I loved him! so kind, so sweet and cheerful! my doctor for 14 years. A good man. Condolences to his friends and family. So sad!

M. (Jacob) Goodrich says:

Dr. Shin was my childhood doctor and was the best! He will be missed. He always asked us kids “Who’d you kiss?” when we’d come in sick. Always friendly, caring and funny.

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