Pearce, Frank G.


Glen was born in Dallas on November 27, 1971. He passed away in Dallas on December 14, 2012 at age 41.

Glen was a good chess player at an early age and also enjoyed fishing and hunting. He had a way with animals and he and his twin sister taught the family cat to fetch like a dog. He had a remarkable talent for drawing lifelike birds and delicate butterflies. He could also draw beautiful flowers and grow them as well. During his employment at the Dallas Arboretum, he had some of the best looking plants and flower beds there, and had hopes of starting his own landscaping business one day. He loved to tinker with stuff, souping up cars or lawn mowers. He was funny and had a way of saying words or phrases that were hilarious. He was a good cook and his specialty was homemade apple pie.

Glen is survived by his mother and stepdad, Marilyn and Bob Culmer; his sister and brother-in-law, Kesha and Mark Cherry; his twin sister, Shonda Capritta; daughter, KaEllen Kennedy; long-time girlfriend, Misti Mitchell; children, Mikayla Glenn Mitchell, Jonathan Michael Mitchell and Jacob Patrick Mitchell; nephew, Cameron Capritta; and niece, Marleen Cherry. Glen was predeceased by his father, Frank W. Pearce, Jr.

Glen and his twin sister had a close and unique bond that was both loving and mischievous, being

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Denise Fitzpatrick says:

Shonda, my heart goes out to you and your family. You are in my thoughts and prayers always.

misti says:

17 years with you wasn’t long enough and one month with you gone is a lifetime. Why didn’t you forget the world for just a little while longer? We never even said goodbye.

jeff says:

Misti, he loved you and those kids more than life. He was trapped within his demons, but you must know that. And he always knew how much you loved him, even when he was wrong. He’d always talk about the first time he met you and how he always knew you’d be together. This wasn’t how it was supposed to end, but we can’t doubt God. Just know you are not to blame. He treasured you and Glen, there were so many lives you impacted and changed. Thank you my friend, I am so proud to call you that and I was proud of you. You were a hell of a man.

misti says:

The kids and I made you valentines tonite, and talked about the year it snowed and how much fun it was. Feb 14th will never be the same….now its a sad anniversary. We miss you and think about you every day. Its hard for us, but we try to be happy that you are now with your Lord. We will never stop loving you

misti says:

90 days. How did we make it? Some days its easier, some days the tears come out of nowhere, especially for Mikayla. Sometimes I get really angry at you for causing such pain that I can’t take away. Sometimes I feel like a horrible person for feeling that way. Its a lot of confusion here at three months. I’ve actually made plans for our anniversary this year (that was always your job)…we’re taking you and your Dad to Texoma that day…celebrating the best parts of your life and hopefully letting go a little more. We thought it best that you and your dad spend forever in the place that y’all loved.
We still miss you, Glen…we’d give up everything to see you again.

misti says:

Whoever said time heals, lied. Six months feelslike yesterday. We miss you and selfishly wish you were here.

Jacob Patrick Mitchell says:

Its been 7 years and I still miss you, even though I barely knew you. Why did you have to die?

Misti says:

Gosh, 7 years this weekend. Help me. I dont know how to talk to our kids. Still miss you

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