Prearrange Your Plan In Four Simple Steps

  1. Fill out and submit the Preplanning Form or call (972) 241-9100 to talk to a Funeral/Cremation  Planner.
  2. Discuss with our Funeral/Cremation Planner your choices and ask questions that will help you clarify your selections. First, you will select the type of funeral plan or cremation plan you prefer. Next you will want to select the casket or urn.  Lastly, you may want to set aside funds for additional items like death certificates.
  3. Custom design a payment plan that fits your budget.  Everyone qualifies for our plans and depending upon age you can choose plans from one to ten years….it’s your choice.
  4. Enjoy the peace of mind that preparation brings.  Your family will not have to make these choices and pay for them because you did it for them.

Feel free to view our Pre-Arrangement Frequently Asked Questions.

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How Important Is A Prepaid Funeral Plan?

A prearranged funeral plan is a very important step in preparing your family for the inevitable.  You should consider a prepaid funeral to be as important as a will, a power of attorney or any estate planning you would do.  A prepaid funeral plan will allow you to prearrange every aspect of your funeral or cremation exactly the way you would want it to be done.  This will take the emotional and financial burden off of your family and friends at a very difficult time of their lives.

How Much Of The Detail Can I Prearrange?

Everything can be prearranged including your casket, place for the funeral services, cemetery vault, cemetery opening and closing, newspaper obituary, flowers, the order of service, the minister and musicians, as well as many other details.

If your preference is cremation you can select the type of cremation service you want, the urn and customize the way the disposition of the cremains.  Some families will want a cremation memorial service and some will want a funeral service with a casket followed by cremation.  The choice is yours.

Why Should I Do It Now?

Our job is to help you select the funeral plan  you prefer and show you how to pay for it today rather than your family pay for it on the worst day of their life.  Now we can give you discounts and freeze the price at today’s cost.  Tomorrow your family will pay full price at whatever the future costs may be at that time. Today you do it for yourself without the emotional distress your family will be under if they have to do it on the worst day of their lives.

In addition, we can help you with cemetery property, markers and monuments.  Just call us to get started with your prepaid preneed funeral plan today.

We are here to serve you by helping you design the plan you want and help you arrange payment so much of what will need to be done is taken care of in advance of the need for your family.  We encourage you to ask questions and to start planning now, before the need arises.  Our secure online server allows you to customize and organize each detail fo your arrangements.

Call us at any time at (972) 241-9100 or Contact Us Online.

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