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Veterans Funeral Service with Honor

Price: $5995

The Veterans Funeral Service With Honor Includes:

Your choice of any of our premium 18 gauge steel caskets and beautifully handcrafted wood caskets in our casket catalog.

The services of funeral director and staff.  This is the cost of the funeral director responding to the initial request for services, arrangement conference with the family or responsible party, arrangement of the services, tribute or memorialization. Preparing and obtaining the death certificate, necessary permits, authorizations, consents and assignments.  Arranging for the interment in either a private cemetery or the DFW National Cemetery.


Embalming, dressing and casketing and cosmetology.  This is not required by law but, will be necessary if you select certain funeral arrangements such as a funeral with a viewing.

Visitation and use of the chapel or your church for the service.  You can use our facilities if you would prefer.  Many families choose to have visitation and the funeral service at their church instead.  If so, rather than pay for the use of our facilities the included cost provides for the funeral home staff setting up at your church.

Transfer of Deceased.  This is the cost of the staff and the vehicle that responds after the initial death call.  One of our caring staff will be there as quickly as possible to help your family through this important process.

Hearse.  The hearse will be used to transport the casket to the service and to the cemetery.

ndfh_burial_flagvet_profile_small_xIn Addition The Following Items Are Included:

The Veterans Burial Flag


The Veterans Memorial Package

This is a very special gift from the funeral home to the Veteran.  These register books are made using authentic military uniform fabric, trim, hat emblem and ribbon of Good Conduct.

When burial of the Veteran is in a national cemetery the cemetery charges only are provided, free of charge, for the veteran with anything other than a dishonorable discharge.  This includes the grave space, outer burial container, opening and closing of the grave, grave marker, shelter for service, military honors and veteran’s burial flag.


You can trust us to take care of everything simply and with dignity.

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