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John P. Brooks and North Dallas Funeral Honored

Col. James E. Gilliland, Ret. USAF


Recently Col. James E. Gilliland, Ret. USAF presented John P. Brooks his retirement flag that flew over Pearl Harbor in his honor in 1984. Colonel Gilliland is a highly decorated U.S. Air Force pilot. He flew 100 missions over Vietnam from 1967-1968 and was awarded the Air Medal, the Legion of Merit, a Silver Star, a Bronze Star and a Distinguished Flying Cross from W.W. II.

Mr. Brooks said, “Today will be one of my most memorable days as an American. I had the privilege of meeting a true United States hero. I cannot believe he honored me with his retirement flag. I have placed the flag in its case, and a photo of Col. Gilliland flying his RF-4C on the mantle of the fireplace in the funeral home.”

The Colonel has asked Mr. Brooks to personally escort his casket to Arlington National Cemetery in Washington D.C. at the time of his death. He explained that after carefully researching Dallas area funeral homes, he chose North Dallas Funeral Home because of their experience with burials at Arlington National Cemetery and their outstanding reputation in the community.

Mr. Brooks said, “Knowing his retirement flag was a ‘one of a kind’ and a great treasure to the Colonel, I was awed at his presentation. He said he was presenting it to me as his “Thank You” in advance. I hope that everyone who comes into my Business will see it and know that I am proud to be a citizen of the greatest country on earth.

John P. Brooks and Family Honored by City of Celina, Texas Fire Chief.

City of Celina, Texas Fire Chief


Hi Frank,

Thank you so much for all of your help and calmness during Thursday’s graveside fiasco in Tulsa.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your calm and steady way.  I thought I took some good pictures but I didn’t– too emotional to concentrate I’m sure.  Would you mind sending me the pictures you took?  You can email them here or if it’s easier, you can just text them to me from your phone at the mobile number below.

I hope you had a safe drive back to Dallas.  We got caught up in the hail storm as we were driving to our house from David’s house later that evening.  It seemed like a fitting way to end such a roller-coaster day.

Thanks again,
Ashley E. Altick, Esq.

Frank DeNeale – Funeral Director


Thank you for all the help and guidance with my Mom.  You have a wonderful touch and care that cannot be understated.  Regards George


Alden Family,
Mandi McCoy
Provisional Funeral Director

Dear Kyle,

Just a note to thank you for helping arrange my dad’s funeral , and for your good natured indulgence while we checked out your hearse.  My dad’s scientific curiosity & sense of humor did not get a lot of airtime this week, but FWIW he would have approved.  Thanks also for your patience.  Much love from Boston, and Happy Holidays.

Kyle Ko – PFD


Thank you so much for going above and beyond the call.  Much love.

The Drexel Family

Maria Madrid -Funeral Director


The Family of Jerry Calvert

Thank you Maria Zarate

JRoyston Brown

Dear Frank:

Just a quick note to say how nice it was to have met you and to work with you in supporting the JRoyston Brown family during the time of his home going.

You and your staff did an excellent job for the funeral, for which I’m sure all of us are grateful.

Thursday afternoon at the National Cemetery was a hot afternoon. I almost went down with the heat, as well as the lack of water, prior to that service. I apologize I almost embarrassed all of us and I would have, ifl had totally collapsed.
Even though I did not finish my remarks, I sense we did close on the high note with TAPS. Thanks again, Frank. Let’s stay in contact and ifl can assist you further, please let me know.

With Warm Christian Friendship,

Gil A. Stricklin, Sr.
CH (COL) USA, Ret.



fd thank you-delgadodelgado

Hi Frank,

Thank you so much so much your guidance an help with mom’s funeral arrangements.  As much as I really dislike the whole funeral  industry, I was very pleased to meet you and work with you.  We were very impressed with your sincerity, professionalism and low-key approach.

We were very happy with the way everything worked out.

Thank you,


Dear Maria,

thank you so much for helping with the services for my mom, Renee’ Dyer. Your kindness is much appreciated.

Jackie Bailey



The family of Charlie Elkins-Maria Zarate

Dear Maria,

I am so grateful to you for doing such a great job with Charlie’s funeral.  You made it look flawless and I will add the memory that you created for me in my heart where they will stay forever.  I loved the honor guards and Charlie would have too.

Once again, Thank you for taking such good care of me.

Marty Elkins 2017